Filipino Crab Mentality

crabFilipinos call it crab mentality. A lot of Filipino just don’t like it when someone has a better life specially if they live next to their house  that they can see them often. In my  day to day life in the Philippines I have encountered many Filipino who are like a black hole trying to pull everyone they can into a dark place that represent; sadness, depression and drama but even with that I am still not so use to it and I am not like a black hole. When someone starts talking and pulling everyone down  by making a bad picture of  anyone they hate (just because of the fact that they are so jealous of the way they live or the way they are) I talk back and my words  tell them that I am not into their game – and it is like I push them out of my life.

It some how disturb me  that  “crab mentality” has become a norm in our society  to a point that we hardly even see it as a bad thing anymore and those who are against it are considered not sociable and unfriendly.  So far, I have observe that a few well educated Filipino are not into that kind of attitude, it seems that their good  education helps them become more humane. But Philippines is a 3rd world country so more than half of its population is not well educated so as expected much of its populace is not  well educated enough to live in harmony with other people in a less destructive way.  As I see it –  it takes a good education and some mental level for one to know how to realistically analyze and criticize the culture and traditions one has experience and live with for the rest of his life.

They said that it is arrogant and unkind to segregate mentally inferior people from mentally superior people just like it is arrogant and unkind to segregate financially poor people from the people who has the resources to buy everything money can buy like a good education, but then I could not stop myself from segregating the people who has and who don’t have because there is a big difference between the two.The more time you spent to read, watch t.v, travel and do other activities that leads you to be more educated –  the more capable you are to become humane. If you are poor and is not able to travel, watch t.v, read, research and you are striving to eat everyday and that is all that matters to you –  you will not be able to come to a point where in you imagine yourself having more than just a food and some small stuff small money can buy.  If  you are not given a chance to put your level up financially and mentally (perhaps due to circumstances) then you will never be able to come to a point where in you will aspire for a better life  in harmony with the people, animals and the environment in which the people and lower animals live in and  you will not be able to aspire to live a life of dignity.

Normal people go through a certain hierarchy of needs that is true to all average or normal people. From Maslows’s Hierarchy of needs man will first strive to satisfy his physical needs like food and shelter. If he is able to satisfy that he gill go to the other level and that is “safety”  after that get’s to another level which is love and belonging when all this needs are  satisfied then the man will reach to another need and that is the need to be respected and to respect, to be an achiever and to help and to have self esteem after this will be the need of self actualization.’s_hierarchy_of_needs.png

Most Filipino reach up until ” love/belonging” level.  If you see it the way I do you will agree that Filipino peoples needs good education and good quality of life and a chance to go to the higher level of need. For this and more reason family planning is a must in the Philippines. Through family planning each child is given the chance to a good education and more. All this and more are needed for one to be humane. If there will be more humane Filipino – life in the Philippines will be more fun.

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