Filipinas Have the 4-Bs


One of the most desired races by anyone are the Filipinas or the Pinays. We have the 4 B’s.  (Sorry, guys, these do not include boobs and bums!) The Beauty, the Brain, the Brawn and the Balance.

Let me elaborate on the 4Bs;

Beauty. Men would die for our ever glowing eyes, our noses of the right size, the silky skin lacking body hair in unwanted areas, our symmetry, our skin color. Yes, our skin color! Our perfectly tanned- skin tone is a big source of envy of white race men and women (all races for that matter). Time and time again, we have proved to the world (and universe!) that Filipinas have what it takes to be a beauty queen. It’s just a pity that Filipina sometimes don’t have the self confidence to flaunt our beauty. Instead, they are insecure with their appearances.

For crying out loud, the most popular soap in the country is LIKAS Papaya, which happens to be a whitening soap. Say it with me – WE DON’T NEED TO WHITEN OUR SKIN! We have the perfect skin color which happens to have the perfect amount of melanin to protect us from the sun’s heat. We don’t need whitening soap. We don’t need to intake  glutathione vitamins.

Shame that we don’t treasure one of the greatest assets we have. I can’t emphasize this enough, I guess.

Brain. Oh damn right, we are ever-so-brilliant! We have the intellect to persuade our superiors and the community for the causes we believed in. We have supreme understanding of what the world needs to be a better place. We are equipped with strategies to build and maintain a happy family. We are the foundation of Filipino families – not the men. I would die defending for this statement.

 Common two lady presidents picked up the pieces of the havoc created by its male predecessor. And these ladies even grabbed the power from the corrupt and the bad. That has to account for something. If not, then just take a look at the statistics of single mother and head of their families. Men becoming househusbands has become increasing common. And we all know that househusbands need extreme assistance from the working women.

Brawn. Gone are the days that we seek assistance from the male crowds to carry our hand bags or piles of shopping bags, to move around household appliances or furniture. We carry what we should.  For the longest time we have carried men’s cross and their baggage(figuratively) – now it’s not uncommon to carry construction materials for women! We do dirty work the smart way.

Man, you don’t believe me, you and me outside, right now?

Balance.  The intricate art of female manipulation and female brutal force. Need I explain more? If I have to, the male population may decipher (which I highly doubt!)

Comes my bold statement: If we want our dear Philippines to be progressive, 100% female government employees would do the trick. How about using selected men to just procreate? 


Disclaimer:  This blog may be written with bitterness based from my personal experiences from the  men around me. It is not my intention to offend anyone. Our life in our blog:







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