“Family Bombshell”

(Photo Credit: theopenbook.deviantart.com)
(Photo Credit:  theopenbook.deviantart.com)
(Photo Credit: theopenbook.deviantart.com)

I was at the peak of my frustration. The height of exasperation greatly influenced my career to level up. Til I decided to move out and get out of my shield. I resigned.

Honestly, my life as a public school teacher was full of complications. Though in some aspects, I enjoyed the clinch of success as a teacher, a mentor and a coach. Still, I am empty.

I was receiving a regular salary. But I never had savings. My family members are always independent in sharing in the house bill. Some of them don’t cooperate because they have their own family.

Family complaints! Riot,  plus a lot of bombshell words uttered against me.  I was not happy. My world was like a hell. Indeed, it was horrible.

Then, yes, I resigned from work! As a public school teacher last 2013. I resigned because of too much pressure. Singleness, though should be enjoyed by me, but this singleness became a horrible stay in the public school. Thus, it brought me  an allegiance called Suffering and Sacrifices!

After two school years of completing my contract as a Foreign Language Teacher in KSA, I came home. And still, the same situation in the altitude of Selfishness brought me to reckon. My cheeks were wet by tears as I cry the same old days of family bombshell. Same complaints.  The other is a strong giver while the other one is a great receiver.

This is the hell code of my family. A bombshell. A dumbshell that drags me and sometimes there is no need to question it. Partly because it’s already a trademark. Others may have the courage to try out changing someone’s attitude, but believe me it will never be! Change comes from within.

This bombshell will succeed!
This bombshell will succeed!


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