Fall in Love With Pinoy Romance Pocketbooks

Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Tagalogromancepocketbooks.webs)
Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Tagalogromancepocketbooks.webs)
Pocketbooks     (Photo Credit:    Tagalogromancepocketbooks.webs)
Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Tagalogromancepocketbooks.webs)

I have to admit that  before,  I only read English Romance pocketbooks. But in the last two months I gave Pinoy Romance Pocketbooks a try. I want to tell you about the four Pinoy Romance Pocketbooks I read. In my opinion, they are good for different types of audiences.

For the college students: “When Miss NBSB  Meets Mr. Bully “ by Aya Myers.

This will remind you of the guys from Boys Over Flowers. There is also something magnetic about a conceited bad boy who would fall for a seemingly ordinary girl. Who would ever thought that a Bully would fall for a plain Jane who’s not that interested with boys? The dialogues were funny and interesting too. This is  like  the taming of the Bully and enlightenment of the NBSB.

For the young professionals:  “Mr. Heartbreaker”  by Laurice del Rio.

This book would make us realize that  first impressions never last and behind the man’s exterior lies a boy who’s insecure as ever. The Heartbreaker here finds it hard to resist temptation but is not that bad after all. He will come to the point wherein all he wants is to be understood and be given the chance to explain himself. There were moments here wherein there’s like cinematic  experiences. The author effectively described every pivotal scene at it’s best. It was dreamy and alive.

For married couples contemplating of breaking up:  ” A Quest to Your Heart” by Victoria Amor.

It is all about giving each other a second chance. Couples should not close the door that easily and think about what they could discover about their partners that would make them re-assess the situation. Love could be lovelier the second time and open communication is essential, as well as willingness to work things out. This story is really written from the heart and it has romantic nuances.

For those who want romance with an edge: The Man I Desire Book: Loving Louie/Reaching Bobby.   Written by Edith Joaquin and Carla Giopaolo. The lives of the characters here are very colorful. They don’t use the dreamy type of love story. This is much closer to true life. You would think of the lines, “We had the right love at the wrong time.”  But you would also realize that the cure to a broken heart is giving yourself a chance to love again.  Love comes like a thief in the night and when you find it, don’t ever let it go.

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