Failure…a Stepping Stone to Success


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With thanks to Henri Junttila for the title, by his article: Incredibly Simple Steps to Living a Truly Great Life.

 Few people ever realized the essence of having to fail. Normally, we think field achievers are those who consistently climb higher their ladder of success, progressing each step they take, not falling further away and down back to square one.

NO. You are wrong.

I’ve known people for years. Those never-smart people. Those unpopular-laughing-stock people. Now, turn out to be the ever talk-about people. The ever famous people: The successful people. So, how do they do it?

 Point to ponder #1 Failing doesn’t stop them from doing over again.

Once we hit the wall, we fall back: hurt ourselves, scared to go on. We lose strength. We lose hope.

That’s normal.

But few, very few people, rise up, brush the dust off them and continue forward.

That’s the difference.

It’s not them being stupid nor they’re confident, it’s just they’re brave enough to stand. They’re not afraid to fail.

Very few people can do this. Very few people can endure the pain it carry with. It takes a lot of experience and courage to go on.

Point to ponder #2 The fear of having to fail doesn’t stop them from doing risk.

Failure is inevitable. But few people never wanted to start something new. We avoid being bold coz the chance of having to fail is too great to just lose our current social status.

We never entertain failure. We never want it. We hate it as much as we hate our enemies. We avoid it as much as we can. But failure, as I’ve said before, is inevitable. It comes around when we don’t expect it at all. It comes when we let our guards down, and turn around and bite our butts.

But failing isn’t about losing the game. It’s a pause button that makes us reflect what we have done yet. Where are we going? Where is the wind taken us?

And once we find the answers, failure means having to take a step back, and sometimes, even having to turn the other way around.

Coz if we don’t risk, if we don’t try, we’ll never know if we can.

A few years ago, I’ve done things that in my earlier life, seems so unimaginable for me to be doing. I failed. I dropped out of the school (am not saying you have to do that too. Well, if you have a lot of guts). Thanks to it though, it helps me earn more experience points and view life in a whole new different way.

When you fail, the game is just yet started.

Point to ponder #3 Failure helps them grow up not grow old.

We all grow old. But only few grow up. It’s not a matter of personality. It’s just we never get enough experience points through our journey. We never get enough red marks. We never reflect from our mistakes.

Why did I fall to a pit? Am I not good enough yet? Why can’t I do it when others able to do it? (Read more about Competition Stops You From Doing Better)
Once we accepted having failure, we are accepting that we can’t be able to be perfect. Well, we just can do things very well. But being imperfect, if you’re mistaken, is not actually a hindrance to success. Sometimes we can do more being imperfect. And we need failure just to realize it.

Failing helps us to be strong and flexible against all odds. Not a death sentence like so many believes. (Henri Junttila)

 It isn’t about the end of everything either. It’s about the start of a whole new beginning when you understand life beneath the surface.

 Don’t ever feel bad about failing. Even for however numerous times you fail, I believe, failures are there for a reason. It can even be our reference book that teaches us what may work and what does not in real world. And sometimes, even a way of God telling us to be a little more careful and give a little more thought to what we’re doing. The many failures you earn the closer you get to success. And if life ever gets so tough and unfair sometimes, just always remember:

Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come. (Oprah Winfrey)

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