“Every SINGLE Day”

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Being single is not a problem. The problem is when people identify Single as being lonely and miserable.

Well, I’ve been single for about five years now and I could say it is just a matter of dealing with your life bravely, day by day. There is no point rushing when you all have the time in the world now. You are not anymore part of a relationship – the kind that demands a lot of your time and attention. Like you are somewhat “owned” by someone? Like you lose your own identity, your own life, your own passion, because you have to prioritize the two of you and forget about you? But good thing it didn’t work and turned into a disaster. You shed a tear. Cried a river. Stuck in a corner-of-not-getting-over. Embracing 2AM.

“When silence is deafening and you hear nothing but your heart breaking. When you can’t cross the distance between reality and dream and you are left somewhere suffocating. When you think about someone and nothing feels the same. When you feel so lost inside your own head and your heart bleeds. When you seek for something beautiful and worthwhile but there’s only this wicked world, not even a hand to hold. When you feel so low and emptiness is the only thing filling within.
Then it’s 2AM.”

That was how you felt. That was how you thought.

But every single day you deal with means stepping out of that corner – crawling, walking, until finally you were able to run, as fast as you can, until you were too far to ever look back.

Today is much better. No one checks on you from time to time. No one is jealous. No one is making you sick and tired. You are free to do what you love to be doing. And right now, I found two new relaxing hobbies! Coloring and Calligraphy. 🙂

I’m definitely back with the life I truly deserve, much better than be in a relationship that brings nothing but the beast in me.  It is actually just a matter of balancing the equation, or aiming a life that is in neutral pH, not too acidic nor too basic, just the average – not too happy, not too lonely! 

So if I were like anyone else who keeps bugging “Why are you single?” Why not ask “Are you happy?” instead. Because it does not only show. It radiates from within!

And I wanna end this article sharing with you my once note to self.

“Whether I am in love or brokenhearted, I see to it that I recognize my own depth, follow my own bliss and allow my heart to always discover its own sense of purpose. It is only then that I can live life with sense of direction, not afraid of being lost, because I know where I am going. I know where my heart is leading me, because I am the one holding the key. I am the one responsible of my own happiness. No one else. The secret is, we have to learn to let go, forgive and commit ourselves back to our own selves. Because if there is someone who needs all of your loving and pampering, it’s YOU. You very well know what you needed in the first place, so why deprive of yourself? Besides, no one can tell you how it is going to be if you won’t grab that key and unlock your heart. Don’t you think it’s way too late to be happy? To be free? Unless you do it now, you’ll never know. But please, don’t let the chance slip away without even trying.”

Every SINGLE day counts. Make the most of it. Make it happy. Make it beautiful. Make it a day you will look back and remember – the smiles, the laughter, the feeling accomplished sort of moment when you go through life wondering what it’s all about.

Thank God, I don’t have to find out. 😉

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