Every OFW – “Masakit pero kailangan eh…”

Every single Filipino can change the world. Every hard work can change the life of their  family. Yet, every success is equal to tears that will totally break their hearts every time they’ll miss their true home. “

 February 01, 2015. It was my sister’s last day here in the Philippines to go abroad as a nurse in a new hospital at Abu Dhabi. It was a moment of sadness most especially to my 6 yrs old niece who will surely miss her mom. Before we go to the airport, I told her this few sentences, “Baby, wag kang iiyak ha..kasi iiyak din si mommy pag nakitang umiiyak ka.” And she answered, “Opo tita” with a very soft voice.

We arrived at the airport at 3:00 in the morning. My sister’s colleagues where already there and they still have to wait for 30 minutes before checking in. My niece was so quiet, she was not in her mood. I even tried to make her laugh but it didn’t work. She went to her daddy, asked him to picked her up and hugged him tight. Suddenly a voice saying “Lets go!” gave as a hint. My sister hugged her husband and her daughter then left them with some piece of words. My niece didn’t cry. Buti nalang! 

As she was hugging her dad, her eyes stuck to her mom’s way of getting inside the airport. And then, a tear fell. Followed by another tear then another one then she cried, “mommy! sasama ako”. My mom and I stared to each other and this caused to break our hearts.

For sure, every Filipino has this kind of story. Bakit ba kailangang iwanan ang pamilya? Hindi ba pwedeng magsama sama nalang sa hirap at ginhawa?. Minsan nga gusto ko pang sisihin ang gobyerno dahil sa mababang sahod at mabagal na pag asenso nating mga Pilipino. Pero wala akong laban doon.

All I know is that every Filipino can even sacrifice their life just to make sure that their loved ones are safe and secure. Every Filipino wants to give their family a satisfying life. They are the believers of their dreams. They have their goals even these include sacrificing years away from their family. They want to accomplish things that will push them to become a determined and loving individual. Filipinos are great when it comes to giving what’s the best for others and not for themselves. It is always their hearts that matter.

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