Every girl needs a boy friend

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Boys, (a term used lightheartedly to refer to a man) are said to be emotionally retarded, they are arrogant, immature and most of all they are insensitive, they can’t read between the lines!) Their lack of ability to multitask just ticks off a lot of women. Ask a woman to enumerate man’s deficiencies , she’ll rattle in numbering but ask her to name some good traits expect a long moment of silence … and then few more minutes then give up, she needs more time (lol)

Kidding aside men may have long been stereotyped for their affairs. How they work or fail their romantic relationships define them. For instance if a man constantly changes girlfriend every after few months, he’s a playboy. If he never had one he’s a docile. If he doesn’t want to be in serious relationship he is such a flirt, if he pursues you for years now he is such a creep. How people make judgments on them depends on their affairs but I’d like to change that today. I feel like deviating from the usual. I want to talk about the good side of men and why women should hang-out with them more often.

Men are better companies when your best friend is not around, rather than joining those group of insecure ladies why not make friends with those group of boys in your company, I’m not talking about flirting here, I’m talking about building platonic friendship with men because I really think it’s healthier. Why not? Men aren’t insecure about themselves so there can’t be competition. They don’t talk about other girls for the sake of disdaining them or elevating themselves, if they do talk about girls- they are probably hot. No drama’s because as stated above they are emotionally retarded, one minute they are happily drinking the other they are swearing and tussling and then they’ll be drinking again well maybe that’s because they don’t hold grudges for petty things and they don’t complain as much as girls do. Not many of them are gentleman, especially when they see you as one of the boys but you can be sure they’ll look after you when they have to. You can call them when your engine breaks- some of my guy friends won’t even ask what happened, they’d just come running. They are one phone call away when you need drinking buddies especially if you tell them you would foot the bill. You can pig out with your favorite food and they won’t even mind.

A lot of them maybe douche-bags, they could talk nasty things about you just when you ask them to shut up because you’re trying to impress this new chick, but they’d be the same people you can run to when this chick screws you.
They are funny because they are not afraid to look ridiculous. They can make fun of themselves, do silly things, mess up and still think they are awesome and that’s what is lovely about them. They take life easy, just as how it’s supposed to be. They may be complete dorks with their girlfriends but as companies? I think I have to give them the credits.

It’s great to have girl friends that would console you on hard times but I think it equally matters to keep few boy friends around. Just make sure to find those guys who would never take advantage of you when you’re drunk, guys who know their limits, those who will not take your closeness for something else, who would still respect you no matter how close you may get and when you find them , treasure them cause you just found yourself a platonic friendship, not everyone finds them.


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