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Source: Tes Luciano
Source: Tes Luciano
Source: Tes Luciano

It’s easy to say you’re okay but deep inside you know you’re not. It’s easy to how the world you’re happy without him, but deep in your core, you know he’s all you’ve ever wanted. It’s easy to talk shit about the person when you’re drunk, but you know you can’t help but reminisce all the good times you had together.

Life is a bitch. We all know it. It’s easy to wipe the tears flowing down, but it’s not easy to mend a broken heart and shattered hope. Life can give you possibilities and most of the times, you look forward to it. Little did you know that the courage you had cannot defeat the tricks behind the promises and the booty traps beneath the hopes. And when you fall down, you’ll realize that the hands you’re expecting ain’t there to grab and pull you up. And because you are tired waiting for someone to be there, you’ll end up falling. And as you face the unknown, life will slap you the truth that sometimes, there’s no one to catch you.

As you find yourself alone in misery, you’ll find out that the world doesn’t care about you. People wouldn’t care if you’re hurt or wounded. You’ll realize that even without you, life goes on. That no matter how painful your situation is, its only you who can help yourself.

But like any other bad things, that too shall go away. Bad stuff happen sometimes. Always remember that, but remember that you have to move on, somehow. You just pick up your head and stare at something beautiful like the sky, or the ocean, and you’ll move the hell on.

Then, you’ll realize that letting him go was the smartest decision you ever made. Even though you loved him so much, you just couldn’t deal with the pain. And the times you spent together, holding each other, were the best times of your life. But no matter how much you wanted to keep him in your arms, you couldn’t. You couldn’t hold onto him, knowing that all he will gonna do is to hurt you. But right now, even though you still love him, you don’t need him anymore. You don’t need him to complete you.

You just need him to comfort you when you’re sad, support you, and listen to you when you talk.

Then, I guess what I’m saying is, you’re glad you’re over.You’re glad you’ve let go.

You still miss him, but not like you did before. The intense aching you felt isn’t there anymore. You still whisper his name, though not as often as you used to. Now it may be once before the day is through. You still hear his voice replaying in your mind, but it’s fading now. Soon, silence you will find. You still long for him, to feel his touch, but it’s not like before. You don’t dream it as much. You still think about him and wonder how he is, but your feelings have changed and they don’t go as far. You still feel him sometimes. Maybe he’s thinking of you, or maybe it’s just a little memory of how it used to be. You still love him but it’s just not as strong because you’re letting him go now, so you can both move on. He still has a piece of your heart because you always feel him here. Now you’re hoping and praying that that, too, will quickly disappear.

This will be your last goodbye, you’ve nothing else to say.

Everything you felt for him can now just fade away.

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