Enrile’s Holy Grail, Elusive


Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE) in his opening remarks, for the reopening of Mamasapano incident, said: “Some people have accused me of having a personal grudge against some powerful people and political motive behind the reopening of the Mamasapano Massacre. I cannot blame them for thinking the way they do.”

After seven hours of the Senate Hearing, JPE’s statement seemed to justify that thought. He followed it up with his “I am doing this” bu****ts tantamount as his objectives.

JPE said: I am doing this; for the SAF trooper who bravely perished and gallantly survive; for the country so that never again shall similar gruesome butchery will happen again in the land; for the people so that they will know their national leader fail them because of ineptness for lack of leadership, and for the truth and no one else. Huh!

JPE’s “I am doing this” shattered. His grudge highlighted. His political motive felt. And he’s right, he cannot blame how people perceived him. It has been that way ever since as if he didn’t know.

Senile as he is, JPE’s display of political brilliance still gets the nation’s attention. Just after JPE’s released on bail and returned as Minority Leader of the Senate, wily as ever, he insinuated that the bigwigs of the administration camps visited him while he was in detention. He didn’t elaborate, but that visitation left some kind of an omen for people to think he has a bomb to explode intended for people responsible for his incarceration. But not yet as he would wait for an opportune time.

To improve his image, and to veer people away from his inner motive, he did statesmanship acts as his dissimulation. On November 9th, 2015, JPE was the lone dissenter in the Senate for the hiking of the SSS pension of 2000 pesos across the board. JPE reasoned out that since the SSS is a contributory system and not a social security system funded by the government, it can get bankrupt.

P’Noy on January 14, 2016, vetoed the Senate Bill. He said, the hike for 2 million pensioners would lower the SSS income. To finance the 2000 hike, the Investment Reserve Fund (IRF) would be used, which over the years deplete by 2029. A coup de grace for JPE.

On January 13, 2016, JPE applauded the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the United States. JPE’s concurrence with the Supreme Court is timely because of the sour diplomatic relations going on between the Philippines and China. As the Philippines have limited funds for defense capabilities, JPE said, help from the Big Brother would enhance the country’s security. Another of JPE’s tactical maneuver.

Then the first anniversary of the Mamasapano Tragedy was about to come. P’noy’s popularity plunged because of Mamasapano. Exploiting it would probably reward JPE of the holy grail of respect, at least, to die an honorable man worthy of profound eulogy to the comfort of his loved ones.

JPE unloaded his 8 bullet points of bullshits: Badgering and hammering that P’Noy is responsible for the death of the 44 SAF trooper. However, point by point it had been parried by P’noy’s allies. No new evidence surfaced. Just an empty threat. People didn’t bite. A classic dud!

Since JPE’s tirade flopped, in desperation, JPE wanted the Mamasapano issue use as a leverage against Mar Roxas, if the latter continues to use corruption against Binay. Huh!

Well, Binay is JPE’s only hope. If two years after Binay gets elected, and JPE is still alive, as people easily forgive and forget, the chance is open for JPE to get his Holy Grail of respect.

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