Enigma in Quite an Exclamation

Find a great escape to get over, forget and start anew? as a way of dealing with life’s roller coaster ride of one’s considered perfection or mess and winning the battle means survival in the midst of elements and forces coming through. At 23, very much grateful on how everything fell on its place; the way I learn things, how I live, feel, think, all that I am, and what I have been. Zel as close friends call me, they see me as loud as I am while as reserved as I can be. A very laid-back person; nothing grand, no make-ups and all. Experiences made me tough, faith keeps me grounded and cool. No word can express how thankful I am to the few great people who walked with me in this journey and whom I shared my heart and thoughts with.

Our family is my life literally and figuratively. It is my greatest possession, the blessing I will always be thankful for. Dad, Mom, my 11 year older brother and I complete it? nothing could ever be more perfect than a serene, God-centered and filled with so much love home.

Everything was on its place until we faced the toughest. Dad, who has always been healthy and active, passed away due to stroke. So sudden and definitely never an easy reality to accept. I was on fifth grade, my brother was on his 20’s and mom had to carry the burden along with the responsibilities while keeping a steadfast disposition in solely rearing two growing up children. Life should go on. As God is with us, what we have been through is a history. Happy, contented, blessed, loved, proud, strongly bonded and perfect is still the picture of our family.

Experiences leads to learning as it shapes one’s perspective towards everything around us. Writing has been a very powerful tool for me to see things through, think out of the box, reflect, look at things on a bigger picture and be keen on details; to be rational, open-minded and just to be simply free. For every thought, for every word, for every phrase and for every emotional state may be kept or conveyed.

Everything has been a roller coaster ride of fate, of hope, of trust- quite an adventure in the process of continuous experience from learning; of doubt and believing; of building to destruction. Change is constant, adapting to reality is inevitable, and facing every consequence is an ordeal. Acceptance is objective. Triumph is immeasurable. Optimism is one great character while keeping such spirit at all times is admittedly tough. Freedom is a matter of setting one’s limitation. Responsibilities are requirements and execution is burden. In the end, there is no formula in evaluating a perfect existence.

Considering the past and the facts that could probably have somehow affected the realities faced or might lie ahead, I only have no regret but certainly grateful to whatever, whichever and to whoever molds every reason and aspect of what has become of me and should carry on armed with everything I gather along the way.

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