Email Marketing is Not Dead!

Email, being one of social media’s earliest medium, has never failed to prove its effectiveness in social media marketing. A lot of social media platforms have taken the Internet by storm such as Twitter and Facebook. However, a lot of businesses still rely on email because it is both interactive and efficient.

Email marketing is not only for businesses, but also for bloggers like myself.

In order to get returning visitors, I ask them to subscribe to my blog and I send a newsletter every month to remind them that my blog still exists and to let them know if I have new projects that they can participate in. At the moment, I have 2,349 subscribers.

Also, from time to time, I get contacted by small businesses to include information about store promotions and upcoming events in my newsletter. Yes, I get compensated, but what’s more important is that I get to spread the word to my subscribers who may be interested in those events and promos.

Is it effective? Yes. I get to get to talk to my readers, my blog gets more traffic. Every. Blogger’s. Dream.

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