Eight Reasons why People Refuse the Love of the “God of the Bible”

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Some people might say, “I am a religious person, I have never refused the love of God”, while others would say—” I do not need the love of someone who does not exist.”

Whatever their reasons, people at many points in their lives have refused or have avoided the love of God, but ironically, they would welcome anyone’s offer of love if it gives them pleasure and or financial comfort — even though in the long run might be futile or hazardous to their life and future. I guess it is really easier to love someone you can hear feel and see, and gives immediate satisfaction materially and physically, than someone you just heard from religious teachers and believers. Here are some of the reasons I have noticed from people who does not want to have anything to do with God, so they refuse His love.

  1. They think that the love of God suppresses, and is limiting their methods in achieving their ends.

Some people believe that there are ways in this world that are easier and more convenient if God is out of the way. Because if God is in the picture, they will not be able to accomplish what they want to do according to the ways of the world, which is uninhibited fun, uncensored vocabulary, and less guilty feelings. Say for example, drinking all nighters with clients who will bring in huge sales, or going clubbing  with people who will give the ok for that big contract. These are just one of the few examples how people refuse God because they feel that God is an obstacle to their goals in life. They know that being with God entails changing their lifestyle and adapting a life of simplicity away from the pleasures that they think will give them all the access to fun and enjoyment in life.

God’s love is an obstacle to the sexual revolution that is happening in the world today.  They say that if God is love, He will understand and accept people who are just expressing their love for one another, even if they are of the same sex.  In addition, if God would not allow what they want — then to them He is not a good God, and so do not want to have anything to do with Him. Alternatively, they console themselves in believing in their minds, that a good God is celebrating with them, looking down at them and agreeing with their choice. They want God to bend on their caprice and allow homosexual relationships, since as they say — they are doing it in the name of love.

They spread love in a way that they distort God’s plan for humankind.  God created humanity to worship Him, and not for his creations to worship one another. People refuse God’s wisdom and teaching, because it exposes the many sins that people are committing.

2.  They do not want to be associated with people or groups who mention God casually to anyone and praises God without shame and hesitation.

They feel uncomfortable and think that these people are just nuts and big hypocrites who have dark secrets in their lives, and are just covering their tracks by acting like religious fanatics.

3.  They have already chartered their lives, and they think it is the best, and so they have no plans of changing it just because God has said, “that is not my plan for you.”

Some people have it very easy in life that they would not need a helper or a deliverer. Their life is well placed and no big challenges seem to visit them, and so God does not seem to have a place in their perfect life.

4.  The world is a big playground – and to have God by their backs will force them to give up what this world offers.

The world offers unlimited pleasure that caters to fleshly desires and since people want to play, they do not want to have anything to do with God.

5.  They think that the love of God has so many rules attached to it, and obeying it means sacrifice — and sacrifice is the last thing people want to hear.

God in the Old Testament gave laws for his people to follow because when people have no rules  they run amuck, as what has happened in the times when Moses was up in the mountain to receive God’s Ten Commandments. When he finally went down from the mountain, the Israelites waiting for him have already built themselves a golden cow and are worshipping their newly built god in wild abandon. If we are left to ourselves – we will inevitably destroy ourselves and other people. That is the reason why God established laws in the Old Testament.

This is a proven theory, because even in modern times, every government of every country has to establish laws so that people have rules to follow to maintain peace and order. Because even the most educated and highly civilized people still commit murder and steal in their darkest of hearts if given a chance. God knows what people are capable of doing if left on their own without any rules. However, God in his great mercy and goodness would not force himself to anyone that is why his love is always just there – ready for the taking. Yet people still refuse.

  1. They question God’s sovereignty.

They could not accept that the God of the Bible, who ordered the killing of many people in the Old Testament, is the same God that teaches love, compassion and forgiveness. This appears to be the one issue that people bring out when they are being shared the gospel of God. They use this issue to repudiate any association with the God of the Bible.

“He must be a murderer”, atheist and skeptics would say. They ask — “If God is all-good and compassionate, why he ordered the killing of men, women, and children in the olden times?”  This question led people to be skeptic of God’s true nature, and because of this confusion, they do not want to acknowledge the God of the Bible as the true God. So they choose to become an atheist and deny God’s existence altogether. Some may acknowledge that there may be a God, but they hate Him in their hearts because of the way he exacted punishment to everyone.

This is the result of not seeking God by reading the Bible. The Bible explains why God in his all-loving nature has to kill men; you will learn that God ordered the killing of those people because of their evil ways. In Deuteronomy 9: 4, He drove those people out from the land because of their wickedness.

How wicked could they be that God ordered their killing? In the 21st century as we are in right now, could they be as equally wicked as the people who saw the necks of Christians to behead them and videotape them for the whole world to watch? Could they be as wicked as the people who torch a person alive in a cage and videotape it for the people to watch? If you were God, what would you do?

In Deuteronomy 8:9-12, God clearly said do not follow the disgusting things the nations are doing there, which is sacrificing their children in the altars, practicing divinations, looking for omens, or using spells or charms and consulting the dead.  That is the reason God is driving those nations out of the land, because when people practice immoral uncleanness, it makes the land unclean, Leviticus 18: 26-27.

Has God no right to punish those people?

As human as we are — as imperfect as we are — we know when, and how to exact justice to all who commit evil deeds, what more with the God almighty.

When people see news about religious extremists, rebels, rapists, torturers, killers, drug dealers, thieves of nation’s fund and all sorts of evil doers prowling the earth, we want to seek vengeance right away. People are quick to say obliterate them with a nuke!  Bring down the sword of death on their heads! Have them sit in electric chairs; let them line up in a firing squad! Hang their necks in the noose, whatever it is — we want them dead. We all want those dead because we want fair justice.

What do you think God would do?

Yet when God, exact the same things on evil tribes and (12/28/2014 7:21:54 AM) people in the past — they call God a murderer.

If we know what injustice is, do we think that the God who created us does not see injustice more than we do?

Should He be only a God of compassion, only a giver of things we want and need — and not a punisher of the evil deeds that men do?  Should he be blind to the most evil of us?

They want God to save them from all the pains that this world is bringing, yet they want to tie God’s hand — and only if they can control Him. Then that is the only time people want to accept Him. Therefore, a God that can be manipulated must be a more acceptable God.

  1. They have experienced prolonged hardship that could have stemmed from childhood and extended into their adulthood, or they have been enduring a seemingly string of bad fortunes in their life and family.

These people who have a past they don’t want to remember, but still haunts them to this day, or have been suffering from a bitter and dark life are actually the people who ask God, “If you are God and you can see what I’m going through now, why won’t you do something to help me?”

They cannot accept how other people who rejoice in God’s love have a seemingly wonderful life, while them who suffer from bad things cannot experience what they can. They lose hope and reject God and his gospel, thinking that it may not apply to them.

  1. They do not know what God has in store for them…

The Bible is a mirror that reveals our deepest darkest secret and exposes our smallest sin. It will convict us of our wrongdoings. However, in the same book is also our greatest hope of forgiveness.

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
John 3: 16

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Read your Bible today and know the Living God.

Happy Easter!

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