Eclipse’s Love or Hate



Before, I was a child prodigy in computers; I love software making and creating applications. My name is John and this is my story.

I started working for a group of software programmers named Igirashi group when I was young; just for two years I became one of their beloved members.  I met Mr. Daryll, my best friend. We shared ideas and he was like my mentor. I was the youngest of the group and I have always been taught valuable things by the people I loved.

Daryll has a sister, and boy, she looks so fine; we are of the same  age.  By the way,  I was only 16 that time.

One day I met Mr. Cruz; he is working for the government.  He asked the group to do something for him, but they refused; the talk did not become clear to me, but I know they didn’t like him.

One day Mr. Cruz came and asked me to come with him and have some small talk.  He showed me pictures, pictures of people I love; he told me to create a virus that will create havoc and problems to the people and that virus is called the IloveYou Virus.   I was scared, but I created the virus and once I created it, everybody recognized it was me.  They all looked sadly at me.  One day everybody tried to create the antivirus and they succeeded.  But comes a price. Daryll died as he tried to help us all in creating the antivirus.

Daryll’s sister named Lisa was so mad at me; no, everybody was so mad at me. I had been put to the watch list people.

I was deported to the Philippines and sent to Baliuag, a city starting to progress; they all dubbed me Project Eclipse.

Baliuag is a city that is fighting to prosper. I got here and started to use my remaining money for business.   I started a company called MVP(My Vacation Planner); it is a website where people can plan their vacation with discounted prices. I started to have good money and even bought My phone and changed it to My series (Phone, Laptops and computer gadgets). When I entered college, I was already a business man.

I met Jenna, a smart lady who was a bit boyish, but lovable and friendly. She came to lots of things in life and she still fighting to survive. While as for me, say Eclipse and people know I cause havoc. I’m a bad person, a killer. I lost my friends and family because of my mistake.  I got scared; I don’t want it to happened again.

College life; I felt awesome. I was with her most of the time.  Whenever she was in trouble I would help her, I’m the knight in shining armor except that she didn’t know that.  I never tried to tell her what I feel, but it all changed when we became 4th year college.  I could not hold back any longer,  and I told her what I feel.  At first she did not agree and told me to back off.  Ouch, it does hurt, but I will fight for what I feel. But honestly something was stopping me to go all the way. I’m a criminal, a Hacker,Virus maker and a killer. She is a great example of a Filipina except quite modern. One day she said she wants to repay the things I did when she found out that I was  the one who did a lot of things, just to cover up.  I made her mad at me, but it back fired; everybody is.

In the end I went to UAE.

One year passed I came back to what I love; being a computer specialist. I worked for the government as a Cyber crime operative, I also made sure that most websites which is critical and confidential should be safe among others.

One day my cousin told me they will be coming to UAE with her fiance and her closest friend, I was like Wow, that’s great. Come here; I will treat you like a Sheikh.  Luck comes in my way; they came with………. Jenna.  That’s right, the one I love and left in the Philippines. I can say ouch.

The day that me and Jenna met again, our conversation wentlike this…

Me: (Looking at her shocked)……………………..

Jenna: Hi, how are you?

Me:   Fine, how about you?

Jenna:   Still surviving.  Don’t worry I know everything, Eclipse.

Me:  They told you who I really am then huh?

Jenna: Liars go to hell, right?

Me: (Walked away) I know.

I was in the garden at my house. Looking at the sky asking what just happened? Why? Then I decided to play along about the situation, but then one day, a website on a Philippine site, someone hacked the computer. I am Eclipse and I came back to give freedom to this country.

All the people who knew me called and asked what I did; I explained to them it wasn’t me. I was with my cousin, his Fiance’ and Jenna. I have evidence to prove. Even my security. Head of DOST (Department of Science and Technology) told that I am clear. And believe me, but they asked who it was and how can we stop it.

Jenna slapped me in my face when she knew what happened, Jenna’s words came next .

I told you to fix your life.  Have you done it?

Then I explained to her that it’s not me; someone is using my name.   Globally….

(to be continued)

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