Duterte For President? Why not?

JduterteUST when I thought the Philippines is hopeless, a fine man with high moral principle came to light in the very person of Duterte – the “kill them mayor”. We have heard about his fierce governance in Davao and needless to say, he is earning respect for all the changes he has done for the city.

How I adore his tough speeches and fearless comebacks, and the more I hear clever news about him and his harsh anti-crime campaign , the more I think to my self, such is what we need for a better Philippines.

Why not? Davao City is one of the most peaceful cities in Southeast Asia today. Matter of fact it is ranked 9th safest city in the world. Triple digit crime has diminished to 0.8 in his tenure. They have effectively implemented curfew on the selling of alcoholic beverages, which is often one of the leading causes of crimes; motor vehicles were given speed limits, which must have discouraged riding-in-tandem criminals from committing felonies. He has ordered all shopping malls and commercial centers to install, operate and maintain high-end CCTVs in all entrance and exit points of their premises which, as we all know, has paved the way in solving many crimes.

Discipline – as what Duterte keeps on reiterating – is what the country needs. True enough, this 10-letter word has brought success to many countries and our lack of it has left us far behind.

People may have different insights and beliefs when it comes to leadership but I am for an iron-fist governance. In the current situation of the Philippines and with the kind of criminals and politicians we have – we cannot survive a velvet glove kind of management. Criminals these days are hell bent. Compassion is for human – for those who are worth living. Those who have caused so much misery and suffering to others deserve to be given otherwise.

If it’s true that Duterte has plans to run for a higher position, I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. We’ve done so much trials and errors for the past decades voting for the wrong leaders of this country. Why not give someone, who has proven himself to be an efficient and effective leader, a chance to head our government?

Duterte is a law graduate, which makes him more qualified because I believe having a high educational attainment should have been a prerequisite for anyone planning to run in politics a long time ago, not just be able to read and write.
Aspirants for such seats must have a clean track record, too. Those who have a history or are charged with plunder must be banned from running until the court clears them. We’ve had enough scams and corrupt officials for the longest time haven’t we? Now we see truth revealed right in front of us. What’s there to still be considered with these politicians planning to run again? When will we ever learn?

We cannot stick to the current system where, when money talks, lawbreakers are absolved – free to walk on the streets again. We need an iron fist that when it talks, every criminal would back off.•

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