dream Jul 7, ’07 7:35 AM


As I watch the clouds

I feel the mourn of your cries,

down your face they pour.

I take the blue one’s every time

just to make the words rhyme.

You’re the one who shines,

walk me behind your broken lines.

I said to myself: ‘when all lies, this is the day I’ll gonna make you mine’

You looked through me

when there is no one else I can see.

I sat beside my dream, waiting for you to confirm.

perfect shadows become alive,

I will see you for the rest of my life!

Lately I’ve lost my mind,

In my dreams I hold you tight.

Yet I found the sun, it was all fun!,

But the rays made me realize,

that it was only a dream, a faultless dream

where I HOLD ON.


Vannesa Bal


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