“I’m sorry, I can’t come. Too many urgent work to finish.”

“Sorry, I have to take a raincheck. I’ll send my gift for my niece next week. Enjoy!”

“Tell Mom I apologize for not making it there today. I haven’t finished my work.”

“I would love that movie, but sorry, I don’t have time to enjoy now.”

“No one can take over my tasks at work, sorry; I just can’t make it.”

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Always busy. Hardly a day off from work. Always pressed for time. Too many deadlines that simply can’t wait?

The only rest she gets is sleep…and even that has to be squeezed imbetween her busy schedules.

Family occasions, get togethers, what-have-yous events…she simply can’t make it because her workload prevents her from doing so, she said.

And boom! Suddenly, something went wrong. A lockdown at work now leaves her almost jobless. Almost… because nothing is definite; whether the company will be up and about again.

Now she has too much time on her hands…and too many things to think about but she can’t move. Out of lack of motivation plus an overload of uncertainties. She can’t even have a restful sleep. Too many things on her mind. Now she has to keep herself busy to prevent herself from overthinking.

She is opening other “doors” which she has failed to visit for quite a long time.

door photo
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Now she’s attending every occasion, she’s accepting invitations to watch a movie, have dinner out. She’s giving her remaining parent more time and attention. She was able to do that long overdue general cleaning at home. She was able to help paint their Mom’s room. She spent the whole day with her clan during a special occasion. She’s reading that much-loved book which she’s had for years. She’s been chatting with old friends she realized she has missed. She’s tending to that neglected veggie garden. Plus a hundred little things she wished she had time to do before!

She realized that perhaps the only door she has walked in has prevented her from opening other doors. The Lord must have stepped in and closed that door and kept it under lock — at least for the time being — so she’d be forced to check on other doors which have no lock.

It’s what happened. She took a few steps away from that locked door and opened other doors.

The door to her parent, to her siblings, her friends.

The door to other things which used to hold her fancy.

The door to her children’s life and her grandchildren’s.

The door to relaxation and longer rest periods…as she is not getting any younger.

Has it happened to you?

Losing something and yet you realize it was for the best? Or for a special purpose?

door to freedom photo
Photo by h.koppdelaney

There’s a man who was dumped by his girlfriend (of eight long years) for another man.

He felt so lost as he has spent almost all of his waking life with her. She was his world. He was so shattered he turned to his family whom he hasn’t visited for long. He started rekindling old friendships. He begun exploring a different part of the world where he wouldn’t likely cross path with his ex. He discovered a whole new self which he never knew existed because he was so focused on just one person.

He made a good life where fate brought him. Moreover, when he felt so down he turned to faith to remaining standing. Time flew. He’s a much better man; having a stable life.

He met his new love and he experienced joy with that special girl in his life.

And then he realized….sometimes, one door closes for good — because other doors will take you to better opportunities, to a better life and to a very special love.

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