Doing These 7 Things Will Pay You Off Forever

It’s the last month of the year and before we celebrate this season that God gave us, I believe that reflecting on the past few months of this year could be a great thing for us to face the new year. Are you excited about it?

As I reflect, there were so many things happened in my life that I can be thankful enough and I would like to share it with you those 7 things that I started doing in my life that I believe will pay me off forever and you too!

Here are the 7 things that will pay you off forever:

1. Investing in yourself

One of the best things that happened in my life was the time I invested on it. Before I was frustrated about my life because I didn’t know what to do with it.

I have no direction in life, no goals, no plans and living a life just to exists was not so good because life is meant to be celebrated because of its purpose.

And so while my life was wrecked and messy, I made a decision for myself to invest on it.


If I could invest money on gadgets, online games and some of the things that don’t matter in life, why not use my money to make my life purposeful? And so I started reading books even I don’t read books in my lifetime except for those heavy books I used to carry when I was studying.

After reading books, I learned that there are live events like seminars, training that could open up more opportunities for me to learn from people, and so even it was too uncomfortable for me to be with the strangers because I am an introvert, I coerced myself to sign up to seminars in which I am interested in involving with, and my life has never been the same because of it.

Continue learning is what fuels my passion for lifelong learning, and everything I have learned and I will going to learn… I am generously giving it to you by sharing it here in my blog, so stay tuned!

2. Being honest

Most of my friends told me that sometimes I am brutally honest. And yes, there are times I speak what I feel. If given an opportunity to give feedback to someone, I am proud that I can be too honest about it. Because I believe being honest will help people a lot to reflect on themselves than sugar coating your words to make people comfortable.


And did you know that the great thing about being honest (being true, telling the truth, living in integrity) is that you never have to remember what you said? Why? Because you know to yourself that you tell the truth, there’s no guilt on it and it will not give you stress.

When you speak the truth, you speak and forget it. Otherwise, if you speak a lie, you won’t easily forget what you just have said, because you will keep thinking about it and you’ll stress yourself what if that person figured out that you’re not telling the truth? The chances are you will become stressed because of it, hence better to speak the truth.

3. Watching where your money goes.

While this is a personal finance stuff which one of the things I am passionate about, even you are not a money-mindful person, monitoring your expenses will pay you off.


Where your money goes? Do you love to spend on big purchases? But did you know that you can be buried in debt by spending on small purchases? What are those small purchases? They are the food you eat, your mobile or internet subscriptions, loans and etc.

Monitoring your expenses will pay you off BIG time.

4. Daily exercise routine.

Exercise can be a daunting task for most of us.

First, it’s too uncomfortable because it takes out the blood and sweat out of you.

Secondly, Millenials were the laziest generation of all the generations that have come! I’d rather take vitamins and supplements to lose weight? Why should I go to the gym?


Honestly, that’s one of my many excuses why I don’t exercise but in order for me to live my life to the fullest, I need not only to challenge my brain cells to learn something new but my body also needs to challenge in order for it to grow.

I’m not really a fan of supplements, though they are effective but they don’t challenge your body to grow and teach it to endure pain and challenges along the way. And for me I believe, having an exercise routine is the best, it makes you more attentive, and physically attractive.

5. Practice Public Speaking

I believe public speaking is one of the essential skills that most people need. Throughout the years I hated myself for not being able to communicate my thoughts properly. Most of my friends noticed that I am afraid to speak up, well that’s my nature because I’m an introvert.

Throughout my career, I always received a feedback that I need to improve my communication skills, though I am a more technically inclined person, my previous manager believed that learning how to communicate properly to the stakeholders and customers are far more greatly important than anything else.


And because of that feedback, I took it to my heart as a lesson and started overcoming myself by attempting to visit a Toastmaster Club nearby office. From that day on, my life has changed for the better. I was better than good.

Toastmasters has helped me to build my self-confidence and how I am going to communicate effectively with people either in small meetings or large events like conferences and seminars. And besides one of my dreams is to become a best-selling author and motivational speaker someday and I am thankful that I took this first step.

If you think public speaking is not for you, don’t worry, Toastmasters was not just existed for public speaking training, it’s mission is to make leaders, Toastmasters International is the place where great leaders are made – because great leaders are effective communicators.

6. Documenting everything.

Currently, I have two local mentors in book writing, Sha Nacino and Dennis Sy. Both of them are my good mentors, and I look up to them as my inspiration to write a book.

Just this year, I launched my first book which I intended to write for myself because I wrote my testimony of God’s grace in my life in a hundred-page book. If you want to read it, go buy one copy from me. ?

I’ve met many people who want to write a book also but never started writing. Pastor Dennis Sy taught us that in order for us to write a book, write first, then write and write and write.

I have a confession to make, after my first book, I was actually very discouraged to write another one because of the criticism I received from others that my book was poorly written, because of grammatical errors. And I admit that it was poorly edited not poorly written. I repeat, it was poorly edited.

But my mentors have taught me to persevere and continue writing, besides I am not writing for one single person who can criticize my work, I am writing for myself and I just wanted to share it with the world in a form of a book.

So if you were afraid to write a book like me because you are not good at grammar, don’t worry, just write, do your job and the editor will do the rest. Don’t listen to naysayers that you can’t. Don’t listen that you are just doing it for fame, you are writing a book because you want to share your story to the world that can inspire multitudes of people in every nation.


And one thing you should do first is to document everything. Go ahead, write everything that you have observed, what are the lessons you’ve learned for the day. Take pictures of nature and write something about it.

Make no excuses anymore. If you can, you will. And one more thing:

7. Master a skill one at a time.

Before, I was very frustrated that I am not an expert of one skill. I don’t have a degree in business administration to start a business. I am not a finance expert to invest, and I am not an expert coder to become a programmer.


I realized that in order to master a skill, you need to learn it through constant practice. I have learned that it pays forward to master multiple skills.

I know some people who are great at coding but lack technical understanding how the computer works. I know also some programmers who even don’t know what to do when their computer crashes.

I am glad that I learned multiple skill when I was young and I owe it to my father. Because when I was young, I used to watch him every time he repairs the car, a bicycle or even repairing or assembling a home furniture.

Today, I am proud to say that I have learned so many skills in life. From technical, construction, cooking, writing and now I am learning how to write a book and public speaking.

And these are the 7 Things Will Pay You Off Forever and I assure you that your future self will thank you for learning these skills.

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