Do You Want Happiness?

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“It has been my observation, that people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be” Abraham Lincoln

Do You Want Happiness?

This simple question will always be answered with a big “YES”.  Yes, we all, without exception, want to have happiness, although the idea of what constitutes happiness and how it can be obtained differs from person to person.

Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination.

Happy is he who has lofty noble aspirations.

Happy is who is enriching the lives of all those about him.

Happy is he who allows others to live peacefully without  disturbing them.

Happy is he who is contributing something to make this world a better place in which to live.

Happy is whose work, whose chores, whose daily tasks are labors of love.

Happy is he who loves love.

Happy is he who happy.

 People are crave for happiness.  Yet despite their striving, they are often farther rather than nearer to what they have tried so hard to work for and why is this so?

 Modern life is a struggle – a struggle to gain monetary rewards, comfort and luxury.  Instead of bringing happiness, this lifestyle brings anxieties and stress.  However, it is useful to remember that wealth and poverty, happiness and misery, are all relative terms.  One person maybe rich but unhappy; another may be poor but happy.

We should learn to be contented and happy with what little we have which has been bestowed on us.  We should even happy and contented with our present state of being even though we are not fortunate enough be blessed with the least of our humble expectations.

The ingredients for happiness are simple.  Happiness is a state of mind.  It cannot be found in the material things about us, wealth, power or fame.  Those who spend a lifetime harvesting and accumulating  more wealth than they need will be disillusioned and disappointed when they discover, only too late, that all the money in the world cannot buy a grain of happiness.

The real happiness is our family and being contented.

You cannot hope to gain happiness and peace by simply praying.  You have to work to gain such blessings.  Belief in God and praying for blessing and you should not neglect your responsibilities.



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