Living in Humble Pages

Since the day I was born, I am living in the pages of this book; my life: every journey is a chapter; and ‘each’ page is vital in creating these journeys. The next pages are unpredictable, thus the destination is hard to predict. I am a mere character living in a book; what will happen is not in my power; all is determined and well-thought by the author: my existence depends on his will.

I am living among these billions of books; in a library, called earth. Each book has their own story;  some are inspiring and has become successful; however, sadly, some are ignored, criticized and some, forgotten by time.

All books are categorized; they also differ in colours, sizes and design; every book is different, but there is no need to compare and see which one’s better: each book is special in its own way; each should be treated with equality and respect: it is the content that matters.

Categorizing is a not a form of isolation and separation to other books, but it is a form of organising them to the shelves where they belong; with the books which compliments their contents: I am living in this dusty shelf but I stand with books that support and protect me.

I am a mere character, in this unfinished book; an ongoing process and getting better in time. I am a living character, thus I have the right to do what I want: to stay on the page, enjoy each sentences, go back to previous pages or move on to the next page; these are the rights that I was given: the free will. Beyond this will, i have no more power in regards to this book; it’s all in the control of the author.

My author is a humble writer who treasures and cherishes all his books. He keeps it all organized in this library, including mine and yours. He loves each one of us; when a book is lost, he will look for it and put it back safely to the shelf where it belongs. When a book gets torn apart, he will fix it and make it useful again. When a book is uncategorized, he will find a place for it to belong.

My author is passionate about writing and considers the best options for his beloved characters; he saves the best for the last: he never makes mistakes. My author is the greatest in his profession but even so, he never looked at us as characters in a book, but treats us as a family; his own kind.

My author is a kind and loving father. A faithful and loyal friend; a saviour. He is God, the author and finisher of our faith. I am a mere character, but I entrust my entire existence to him.

As of chapter 20: on the 9th of January 2012; this is my page written by God; to deliver a message. Godbless.

About Anthel

God will make a way when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see. He will make a way..