Distance education,A student from a distance


Nowadays that we are living in a modern times and new innovation of education system, there’s nothing impossible at this time to get a legitimate degree right at the comfort of your home or which can be done before or after your work and personal obligations. It is what we called”Distance learning”a new way of learning that you aren’t compromise to go to traditional school, this learning system offer and gives hope to people who are willing to learn and finish their studies from a distance.

I don’t expect future will give me a chance that I can continue to study again through distance learning beyond my presumption. However,the best of my presumption became reality I have been student now at one of the best Distance Learning College in the Philippines.

As the end of my first year studying with my course being a distance learning student I have grown and learned more that I never thought possible. Most importantly I have learned how to manage my time productively, to be discipline and to keep motivated.

Sometimes, motivation can be simply about having the will power to get away all the distractions and get on with it. Even if, there’s a time I don’t feel like studying that I need to convince myself “Just do it and reward yourself afterwards”. Also reminding myself that every moment studying take me one step closer to my goal. Yes, I need to focus on my goal, that’s all that matters.

Flexibility of distance learning can be both an advantage and a challenge.An advantage, to the point that when you’re free to manage your own learning, you’re also free to do other chores instead of “going to class.”It is your decision as to when and where you study.

A challenge because student must be more active and self directed in learning environment depends on individual motivation and initiative.After all,one has to bear in mind that the success of distance learning student depends on the equipment used for learning.

Distance is not a barrier when you’re really motivated and determined to learn.All you need and have to do so is “perseverance and diligence”one of the major components to fulfilled what you’d like to aim in your future success.As a distance learning student I am proud what am pursuing,It doesn’t matter where school you came from;either, a traditional school or online school like distance education,likewise,It doesn’t matter where you live,we can gain a degree from anywhere in the world because for me it’s the students that make it all worthwhile.

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