Distance Doesn’t Matter

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“Being apart from my family is difficult but if you really want to make your dream come true … DISTANCE DOESN’T MATTER”.

I’m Ihyn Gianan, 17 years of age and I came into this world on 18th day of November year 2001. I was born in Barangay Denrica, municipality of Garchitorena, province of Camarines Sur.

Our family is made up of my Mother Susan, my Father Pablito, my four brothers John Jeric, Darnyll, John Paul, Jemuel, and my two sisters —  Rose Angelie and Irra.

Sometimes, like any other sisblings we fight like cats and dogs; that’s why our house could get too noisy. But even if we fight sometimes, I still love them; the same way that they love me. Even if they don’t always say it, I feel it in my heart; maybe because they are my siblings.

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In 2006 at the bright age of 5, my parents enrolled me in kindergarten where I learned how to write and read. And after one year, when I was six years old, my teacher told my parents that they can already enroll me to Grade 1 because I was a fast learner; so that’s why at a very young age I was already in the elementary grade.

At the age of 12 I entered High School life where I had many great memories. I spent my 5 years in Denrica High School with my great friends and the other 1 year was in Goa National High School where I am currently studying and where I encountered new people in my life who really help me to enjoy my one year of stay there.

Being a student who lives far away from my family while studying is too challenging for me. Although I have my sister with me in the same dorm, she’s also busy in her school stuff. After stressful works in school, back to reality again. We need to cook for ourselves, wash our clothes, clean our dorm and do some school stuff, but the most challenging for me is budgeting our weekly allowance — for us to help our parents, we need to have proper budgeting.

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I realized that being independent sometimes is really helpful because it would also help me in the near future. I’m so thankful that I have a supportive family who encourages me to dream and aim for good grades so I may look forward to a rewarding career.

March 21, 2019


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