Dilemmas of Persons with Disabilities

Photo by reidy68 (Pixabay)

There are sectors in society who discriminate persons with disabilities (PWD); stereotypical people who thinks disabled persons are worthless people; even name calling us like baliw (crazy) and abnoy (abnormal). They mock people like us especially on social media.

Everyone is different from each other the moment we arrive here on earth until our death. Each one of us was given problems and difficulties, but others mock or bash the less fortunate people like us — online or offline; directly or indirectlyy. Many people seem to not know the terms “respect and understanding” anymore.

Many make fun of us, mimicking our voices and moves, the way we talk, the way we walk. But do they know who we are? Don’t they have any idea what we’ve been through and still going through?


Society must understand that we also have the right to be respected and accepted. Don’t we deserve some kind of affection, too?

It’s just so unfair that many people treat disabled people unfairly and unjustly. Society has to find ways to communicate with disabled persons and not treat them as incapable of doing anything right. Rather treat them like equals and not for just for publicity stunts or charity cases.

wheelchair photo
Photo by geralt (Pixabay)

Furthermore, society must provide equal opportunities for PWDs. There are many persons with disabilities who have skills, too, and the ability to be an earning citizen.

It is my dream that someday PWDs like me will have decent income; not from pity or charity but for a “job well done.”

I always ask companies where I want to apply, “Do you accept persons with disabilities?” Sadly, most of the time, if not always, the answer is not in the affirmative.

Maybe someday companies will give equal chances for person with disabilities… like me.