Did I miss the Tamagotchi? No, I didn’t. Yes, I did. I might have. ^_^

I saw this article about the return of the Tamagotchi on the DF FB page.

Did you miss Tamagotchi ? You can play it on your smartphone by 2018!

Can’t help but go down Memory Lane. And I asked myself…did I miss it?

No. no. NO. I did not miss Tamagotchi. Grrr hahaha But reading this, I was reminded of the times my little kids would cry because I forgot to feed, bathe or put their virtual pet to sleep, whatever is needed — causing it to die.

Because they have to go to school, they would leave their Tamagotchi on my desk or sewing machine [wherever I’m working] and tell me explicitly NOT to forget to attend to their pets… or else they would die.

Well… I forgot. ^_^ Many times. ^_^ Am not proud of it.

But I had tons of work to finish and customers just kept coming in; leaving me occupied — UNLI.

Well…they’re grown ups now. I’m 55. I guess the Tamagotchi pets on smartphones won’t pose a problem to me anymore. hahaha

Some memories bring back smiles and sighs… and looking back… how come I can still see their faces clearly as if those moments happened only yesterday?

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