DF Iskolar Marie: “Simple Wishes”

Many kids take for granted the privileges and luxuries they were born with.

Others even complain when their birthdays aren’t celebrated extravagantly, or when a desired gift or wish isn’t granted.

But there’s one kid who wasn’t born with a golden spoon; not even a silver one.

And yet despite the poverty she was born into — the skipped meals, the tattered shanty, the on-and-off schooling, among others…she never loses her smile.

Give her a piece of bread, she’ll take it home to share with her two younger siblings.

Treat her to some grocery shopping, she’ll pick the food craved by the little ones.

Tell her to choose some clothes from the rack, she’ll never fail to ask: “Can I pick this one for Nanay?”.

She was out of school three years ago. It was a challenge convincing her and two other brothers to go back to school. They said they can’t afford schooling, that’s why they chose to sell veggies and recyclable junk to have some cash for food.

She just turned 11 this month, Grade 4. Rather late for her age. Without the kindness of our partner friends, she would have been pinned to just Grade 1… and hope would be nowhere near.

But the Lord sent angels. Her smiles are brighter, livelier…and you’ll be more convinced not to give up on her… on them.

For her birthday, I asked her…”What are your wishes?”

A birthday cake, a Hello Kitty balloon, a new dress, and pansit palabok to share with her family and a few friends.

Simple wishes, right? But the little girl Marie felt like she was on cloud nine! Unli-smiles. Unli-joy. ^_^

Well, wishes granted with Mom Leah’s help. Plus bonus – a pair of shoes, some groceries, donuts and bread to go with the palabok, Then I took her home to her family so she could blow her cake with them.

While there, their Nanay told me the kids cried when they learned I was sick and confined at the hospital. Marie said she prayed for me to get well right away. And I told her maybe that’s why I got better real fast.

Anyway… this is a late upload. ^_^ I have a big baby at home with Alzheimer’s and it’s not easy to find time to blog. hahaha

Documenting this so that when Marie gets older, she’ll look back to this day with fondness. <3 <3

Remember this —  Kindness gives joy to the giver more than the receiver.  <3

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[Marie is one of the 45 scholars of Definitely Filipino and we are celebrating our 6th year this month!]

The #SimpleWishesChallenge —–  This month, find someone with a simple wish that you can grant or help the person achieve that wish.  Then tell us about it! Let kindness become viral!

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