Deliberate Spending on Christmas: Is Your Wallet Empty After the Holiday?

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The Philippines will always have the longest and  merriest Christmas in the entire world. An exaggerated statement, but a well-founded truth in terms of merriment, because it has always looked that way — and I do not see it slowing down, even in the next 100 years.

It is a holiday for the entire country, although not everyone publicly celebrates it, because their faith tells them not to — still one way or the other, they will always have a part in it.

I know a lot of people who would eat on a friend’s house when invited, attend Christmas parties, and even prepare food in their homes on Christmas day, although they are not allowed to celebrate Christmas.

Some entrepreneurial group would take advantage of the spending spree of the celebrating Christians, by leading the throngs of bazaar sellers in strategic locations.

An extremely welcome move by thrifty Filipinos, who loves shopping cheap but also good quality items. They shop not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones, friends and godchildren’s — who expect gifts, this season of unavoidable giving?

Because it is a time for enjoying food as well, Filipinos eat everywhere they can, restaurants, food kiosks, fast food, hotels, etc. In addition, not discounting the food shopping for the house for noche buena feast, which sometimes takes up a big chunk of the holiday budget, which mostly comes from the year-end bonuses?

Are you drained, dried out and broke after the holiday, and you listlessly wait for the next paycheck to feel like you are a part of the purchasing crowd again.

Some people feel left out, if they cannot spend as much as others can. If your spending is reasonable like you have been waiting to buy that dream handbag of yours, because the one you were using looked more worn out than your everyday shoes, then it is already high time to purchase that bag.

However, if you have a dozen bags in your closet and you are only getting a new bag because you want a new one. I suggest that money had better be in your bank than in your closet in couple of months.

I know what satisfaction it gives someone to be shopping on your heart’s content, but if you practices the habit of counting your money, and saving it. It will slow down your spending and you would be happier, knowing you have a lot of cash for bigger investments, in the future.

Spending for some people is equivalent to their sense of self-sufficiency and security. The more they spend — the more they feel able, equipped and somehow successful.

That feeling is only temporary, because once the newness is gone, the reality will set in and you know; your money is gone. To know that you have extra money set aside – that is better security.

Enjoy the holiday, but do not spend all your money.

Set aside a portion for your savings, before you start the shopping spree. If you get unexpected cash gifts and other incentives – place a bigger portion of it in your savings.

Some would line up this available cash for more shopping; to them more money, means more shopping. As if, they hate the sight of cash in their wallet.

Not all your money should go to depreciating assets, like clothes, shoes bags and similar items. Opt for assets that will appreciate in the future such as real properties.

They may take some time, but slowly if you are diligent in handling your holiday money, you will not miss investment opportunities when it comes your way.

So when money flows to you on Christmas — keep some for your future, do not spend it all.

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