Decoding the Hidden Message on Dr. Jose Rizal’s Shoe

Paciano Rizal’s Shoes (Photo Credit: Philippinetravelogue)
Paciano Rizal’s Shoes (Photo Credit: Philippinetravelogue)

First of all I’m not a Historian or had a History Major so if you find any inaccuracy or inconsistency of events in the Introductory part of this blog, I apologize, I mostly based it from Wikipedia, and don’t be surprised if you read silly or ridiculous events because I incorporated some FICTIONAL accounts, it’s just a product of my neurons, so please don’t report me to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines! 🙂

Jose Rizal was convicted and sentenced to death because of rebellion, treason and conspiracy . The day before his execution, when Rizal said goodbye to Josephine and as she leaves he uttered a few words and asked her something in a low voice. Rizal said “Look in my right shoe, there is something inside” He told the same thing to his sister Trinidad 4 days before. What important message could that be?

According to Rizal’s Biographer Jose Baron Fernandez, Rizal had a final Instruction to his family before his execution “Bury me in the ground, place a stone and a cross over it. My name, the date of my birth and of my death. Nothing more. If you later wish to surround my grave with a fence, you may do so. No anniversaries. I prefer Paang Bundok (where Manila’s North Cemetery now stands).”

However, the Family wasn’t able to take charge of his remains because after the execution the Spanish authority secretly buried Rizal’s body in Paco Cemetery.  Rizal’s Sister Narcisa hopelessly searched every cemetery in Manila for his grave, she then saw Guardia Civil in the gate of Paco Cemetery and that gave her a hint, at first the guards didn’t allow them to enter, but they bribed them and eventually let them through, she looked for a freshly turned soil assuming it was Rizal’s, and then they laid a plaque with the initials of her brother in reverse, R.P.J., which means Rizal, Protacio Jose.

Years after, when the Americans took in Manila, Narcisa asked permission from the authorities to dig up the remains of Rizal, and it was granted. They found out that his body was buried without a coffin, they identified the shoe, however what ever Rizal hid there already disintegrated and there’s no way it could be possibly interpreted.

I know the title is a bit misleading, sorry to burst your buble haha anyway, I wrote this blog to share my thoughts or “theories” on what could have been the secret message or the events that took place prior to his execution. The main purpose of this blog is to inform and entertain and NO I’m not mocking our National Hero or messing up our History, again SOME of it is just a FICTION.

  1. It could be another farewell letter like the Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell) that he concealed in his Alcohol lamp (food warmer) which he gave to his sister Trinidad. There’s a possibility that “the letter” Rizal hid in his right shoe is another great poem. Josephine also thought that he may have written a significant note using the missing pages from the Thomas á Kempis book which he signed and left for her.
  2. Rizal had one child with Josephine Bracken, a stillborn baby boy. What if, that letter was an information/confession about his son/daughter/children with another girl? Come on, Rizal was good looking, right? haha  So there’s a possibility that he was a womanizer? or maybe a few women tried to trap him in a marriage or seduced him that resulted to an illegitimate child.
  3. Remember the movie A-team? Wherein Hannibal pretended to be dead to the get out of the jail? WHAT IF Rizal tried to cheat the Spaniards and did the same thing, well not exactly though, that the message was an instruction? Haha  I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out first this is going to be cool. Rizal wanted to be shot facing the squad (Shooting in the back symbolizes treason.) But the Captain followed the strict order that Rizal should be shot in the back.Rizal managed to make an agreement with the Captain that he should be shot in through his heart and that his head should not be touched.Before the shooting Rizal pointed with his hand the spot in where he wished them to aim (behind his heart) the reason was he wanted to achieve his desire of falling dead, not with his face to the ground, but looking toward the sky, an act that shouts that the Spain killed an innocent man. But what if clever Rizal’s real purpose was to secure his head or else he would be dead for real?and that he was wearing a bullet proof vest (bullet proof vest was already invented in the late middle ages) and he instructed them to aim that spot because it is where he put the liquid blood like substance that would convince them that he was really shot! And the morons never bothered to check his pulse AFTER (before his execution, the military doctor checked his pulse and was surprised, because Rizal’s pulse was normal indicating that he’s not afraid to die). After the execution Rizal’s Sister went to the place hoping that they could get some of their brother’s blood, they talked to the sweeper asking where did Rizal’s body fell, but the sweeper was afraid to talk, although he answered “There is no Blood” there was a possibility that the sweeper was just afraid to talk and telling to the Ladies such thing was a way to get rid of them, but what if there’s no actually blood?because he’s wearing a vest and they missed the right spot?, and lastly remember Rizal’s wish that he wants to be buried in Paang Bundok, what if there’s a specific burial ground mentioned in the secret message on Rizal’s shoe, a grave that can support his breathing or perhaps a secret tunnel? I know I have a wild Imagination wahaha, and in addition I also read that Gurads watched the Paco Cemetery because there was a spreading rumor that Rizal will rise from the grave….hmmm have you heard of the Rizalist cult? They consider Rizal as the Brown Messiah! After years When Narciza retrieved his body, they only exhumed the shoes, hat, and Rizal’s bones, yup there was NO bullet proof vest, and A BONE WITH BULLET WOUND WAS ENSHRINED SEPARATELY IN A GLASS URN AND NOW A SECULAR RELIC IN FORT SANTIAGO- and that ends my INSANITY. haha
  4. Ok here’s another one, What if Rizal had the capability to predict the future? Like Nostradamus? nah I have watched Nat Geo and Nostradamu’s work Les Propheties (The Prophecies) according to modern research it was heavily plagiarized from various ancient prophecies.What if Rizal’s prediction was so specific and so detailed, with precise name,place and date, for example he predicted the Proclamation of Our Independence, World WAR II, Martial Law, the Assassination of Ninoy Aquino and who was the mastermind behind it, People Power, different disasters and natural calamities, the dispute over Spratly islands and Scarborough shoal, and that someday the Philippines will be one of the richest country and that will happen if we elected a GAY PRESIDENT, we never had or have a gay president right? hehe
  5. Since Rizal can predict the future, what if he sketched a treasure map and hid it in his shoe, the map of the Yamashita Treasure? That the war loot in World War II exists and still hidden in Philippine caves,tunnel, or underground. Hmmm I think our old house here in Northern Luzon was once occupied by Japanese, and our neighbors, even me when I was a kid saw an apparition of a huge man wearing a priest like clothes (there is a superstitious belief that if a ghost lurks in a place he could be guarding some treasure) I might start digging up tomorrow, so who’s with me?  haha
  6. There’s a controversy about Rizal’s Retraction before the execution, Jesuits claim that Rizal wrote and signed a retraction document stating that he regret his writings and publications against the church and that he accepts the catholic faith, his marriage to Josephine the day before the execution was also integrated. However there are people who doubt the authenticity of the said document, that Rizal never retract and true to his words. Some theories say, there are people who can imitate the handwriting of Rizal and the original text was missing for years.  If Rizal really retracted why was he then buried without a coffin? And I never read an account that he received funeral rites,  they just buried him like an animal after the execution. There was no document that he was married to Josephine Bracken as well. The message could probably clear things up.
  7. What secret had he so much preferred to leave after his death? Who was RIZAL’S TRUE LOVE? He had few romantic connections with some women, Segunda Katigbak, O-Sei-San, and others.. But researchers are divided between Leonor Rivera and Josephine Bracken. What if, none of them? What if the letter was a confession of his true love? What if it was not Josephine nor Leonor? What if he was in love with his best friend Ferdinand Blumentritt? And Rizal was homosexual? Ok I know that’s below the belt.. But I don’t see anything wrong if Rizal was actually gay. 🙂

If  I can travel through time, and witness history with my own eyes, I want to stand behind Rizal while he’s writing that mystery letter, just imagine the chance of reading that note, revealing the message, and then I’ll blurt the words “crap, I can’t read Spanish!”  *facepalm* wahaha.

Ok now seriously, there are mysteries better left unsolved. The most important thing is, what he did for our country, and of course I also give recognition to all of our heroes who died for our country. Rizal  fought using pen and paper, his death ignites the flame of freedom. He’s still with us today not only in books, peso coin, statues, and memorabilias, but in the hearts of millions of Filipinos.

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