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You’re not alone. You’re special in the eyes of God. He wants you to see your worth, to appreciate the beauty of life and to be yourself no matter what situation you are in. Don’t be depress when life seems so hard for you, when you experience a lot of trials and obstacles.

And when you feel that you’re in a deep sorrow because you’re unloved, don’t hesitate to ask for His help to give you comfort and unconditional love. He loves you more than you could imagine. Just surrender everything to Him and you’ll get what you truly deserve.

You are unique in your own way, too. And never compare yourself to anyone. You are you. You are great, you’re an extra-ordinary person & you can do a lot of good things that inspire other people, too. Just believe in yourself and when you keep your faith in God, you’ll never go wrong.

You’re also beautiful in the eyes of God. He created you because He knows that someday, you will be a better person more than you’ll ever know. You are lucky and don’t ever think that you are not born to have a better life. Indeed, you are truly blessed to be sorrounded with good & loving people. Despite the fact that you’re not born rich or you don’t have expensive things in life. Still, you are full of love that money can’t buy. And that Love comes from Him.

Also, if time comes that you feel weak, helpless and hopeless, always remember one thing: “God will never leave you no matter what happens!”

So be thankful and don’t focus on the negative side of life. Be positive. And always make God a center of your life.

Yes, YOU are truly blessed!

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