Dangers of Not Wearing Bra in the Philippines

images (6) If you own a pair of perky and voluptuous headlights, do not dare forget to wear your bra. You are likely to get everyone’s attention in a not-so-nice way. You will be constantly stared at below your neck as soon as you step out of the street.

You might even cause traffic if you have a good-looking face and nice body to pair with that breast.

Even just a generous cleavage will send eyeballs of women to the ceiling and men gazing every so often.

Filipinos in general are not used to seeing braless women in public, unless they chance upon someone in a public place breastfeeding a baby. Even then, it is still uncomfortable for some. They feel that the mother should cover her breast and not expose it to public even if her act were that of a mother’s intuition.

If you do not own a car most likely you will have to ride a tricycle going inside villages or subdivisions. A sharp hump is the enemy of  big breasted woman only a bra can protect it. Do not get caught without it – otherwise you will have to hug your chest all through the ride.

If you are riding a public transport such as jeepneys, buses, MRT or LRT, it would be foolish to try to go out without it. Even the most adventurous would not do this. Expect elbows and occasional brushes here and there. Not to mention the constant staring.

People here are somewhat tactile. When they say hello or talk to you, they sometimes do it with occasional tapping on your arm and shoulder. If you do not want anyone to accidentally touch u there, wear a bra.

If you do not like to be the talk of the town, make sure to wear one. You will be forever tagged as someone who does not, or did not wear a bra, even if you just did it one time.

The weather in the Philippines is wet and dry. When it is dry, it is normally humid. Then you will have to use a cardboard or a native fan to get some breeze to cool you down when outside the building.  Meaning you will have to sway your arm back and forth to do this unnecessary movement again which will bring attention to your chest.

A very bad idea when you’re not wearing a bra.

On the other hand when there’s a heavy downpour – even an umbrella is not a good enough to keep you from getting wet. A wet top is not good; it will give them a clearer view of your unprotected asset.

And  an open invitation for the perverts to make their move. We do not want sexual harassment to rise, not to mention rape.

Suffice to say Philippines is still a conservative country, even if we have already adapted some habits of the western culture, we are not about to give up the habit of wearing a bra.

It maybe a common sight in the street of Europe and the US – but our women will always choose to keep private parts hidden in the eyes of the public. Even a sneak peek is not acceptable.

Besides it will be abusing the opposite sex in the Philippines, blowing their brains off with lots of visible breasts around them, because they are not used it.

It might even leave them confused and disoriented and the women will be blamed for it.

Leave it to the models and the professionals, they do it better and – they get paid for it.

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