Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

People walk in and out of our life so rapidly that sometimes we lose our balance and stumble into confusion. With unanswered questions like “What went wrong?” “Why now?”

The feeling of sadness and loneliness irks deep down one’s heart, after sometime the heartache feels so soothing you just want to feel the pain until it makes you numb. The pain never left.. it will always be there and to admit that you had moved-on is a total contradiction of what you feel. You can fool anybody for sure, but you can’t fool yourself “you can never fool a fool”

Happiness is a matter of choice. You can choose to be happy or to be miserable your lifetime. Happiness entails courage while sadness is the result of being a coward. Happiness cannot be measured by how much wealth you have, like love, happiness is vague, you feel it but you cannot fish out the exact words to explain it. It is a deep feeling, a sensation you know that it exist… also smiling is a gesture of gladness but not an exact measure of happiness. People smile because they are happy, but there are some who cry because of too much joy. But one thing is for sure… “Nothing beats a genuine smile.”

Whatever makes you smile or laugh probably makes you happy? But then it does not mean that when you smile and you are happy you feel LOVE…

Love is an interwoven string of illogical emotion, a journey in an unending puzzle, where most often than not, one can be caught unguarded and left empty-handed, a state of being where one can be so fragile, investing so much without asking anything in return, an emotional roller coaster, which can give you a high,  a dizzy feel at times even butterflies on your tummy, even an upset stomach! it is also an emotional drama you thought can only happen in movies..

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