The Definitely Filipino Blog is one of the busiest Filipino-related blogs.  Its articles encompass a wide cross-section of Filipino topics, from politics, history, to fiction.  These articles are contributed by regular Definitely Filipino bloggers and community contributors who submit their work through a public link.  All articles published at the Definitely Filipino blog are also published at the Definitely Filipino wall on Facebook, currently with 1.7 million members.  This (49%), plus traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing (51%) account for the majority of this blog’s traffic.

During the period from 01/01/2013 through 01/31/2013, it received an average of 25,341 page views every single day.

Visitor Geographic Breakdown

Philippines:      46.75%
United States:    13.34%
UAE:               5.19%
Canada:            5.01%
Saudi Arabia:      4.88%
Singapore:         3.04%
United Kingdom:    2.52%
All Others:       19.27%

Male:    41%     Female: 59%        Total:  100%

13-17     9%             13%                 22%
18-24    17%             22%                 39%
25-34    10%             14%                 24%
35-44     3%              5%                  8%
45-54     1%              2%                  3%
55+       1%              1%                  2%


Ad Rates and Location

1. We are offering the 160 x 600px wide skyscraper at US$245  per month. 


The banner is located on the upper fold of the page on the left hand side of each blog article.  The article ‘wraps’ around this ad space which results in better click rates.  This location generates between 275,000 to 310,000 impressions per month.























2. We also have a 728 x 90 leaderboard.  We are offering this at a cost of US$195.00 per month.






This full banner is located randomly within the body of each article (with 750 words of more)  starting from the middle.   This banner generates between 235,000 to 250,000 impressions per month.

Artwork: Size and Format

All artwork shall be provided by the advertiser.  It should be the exact pixel dimensions as specified and no more than 72dpi.  The allowed file formats are .JPG and .PNG in RGB.

All artwork are subject to review and approval by Definitely Filipino before the ads are displayed.  Artwork/ads displaying nudity, violence, hatred, dating sites, are not allowed.  However, we reserve the right to refuse to display any artwork/ad for any reason whatsoever.  A full refund for that particular artwork/ad will be issued in the event that your artwork/ad has been refused.

Please contact us by email:  [email protected]

Thank you!