Confectioner Sugar

Some days I am sad, and some days I’m not.  I try to understand the world around me but somehow I just can’t get the grasp on how it works. Too complicated huh… we live and struggle; some come out okay, some don’t, it’s a learning ground.

In the vibrant world we have today, life in it is said to be for millennials, gen x is out. However, I beg to disagree, the world is for everyone; young or old it may be.

Yes, life is a struggle, some face it bravely, and others try to sprinkle it with confectioner sugar, voila, its sweeter than the usual easier to behold.

We lick it and enjoy it…some life on the sunny day yet leaving the rainy days, its always about the choice we make.

But what about me? What do I have to say about this? Let’s see if we agree.

I want to face life differently, bare, bold and daring. I have experienced the pain it brings thus, I learned to appreciate happiness; I experienced sufferings and I learned to appreciate blessings.

I experience pain in loving, for what is love without pain? To feel it  run through my veins, feel its warmth, feel its throbbing.

I want to be loved as I love, isn’t that what people want to feel?

I want a love with the foundation of good communication and less expectation. Let it be built around friendship, to enjoy the relationship; not a relationship build alone on fleshly gratification, laced with money on the sides, coating the struggles with sweet promises yet somehow  an overnight sensation.

Give me good conversation and we are going to laugh for real.  Show me the world in different perspective, not as ruled by money and desire or envy or greed, but by friendship and honesty, faith and loyalty.

I don’t want my world sprinkled with confectionery sugar; I want my world to be real. I want to learn from mistakes and accept flaws as part of a human race.

I want to see the world in your eyes, and to feel at ease in the playground of the so called life.

Hold my hand and experience its hell of a roller coaster ride; is there a possibility?

“A man with dreams, needs a woman with vision”

-Source unknown


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