COMMENTARY: Trillanes’ Significant Insignificance

There are always two sides to a story. The wisest amongst us will claim there are three: the right, the wrong and the truth. This is the fourth: the “miron’s”. The fall out and the consequences are all mine.

I was a fan of Trillanes in his Oakwood “mutiny”. Same when he ran for Senator and won while incarcerated. But that was a long time ago. Of late, Trillanes took the title Duterte’s Most Vicious Critic like a woman scorned. Truly, hell hath no fury like his.

He proposed to be Duterte’s Vice Presidential running mate and was turned down. Like a suitor spurned, seems he took Duterte’s rejection very personally. “If I cannot have you, then nobody will!”

He attacked Duterte from all angles in all issues. From the drug war, the death squads, the economy, Marawi, Martial Law, ghost employees, millions of bank deposits, foreign policy, lost of territory to China, rice smuggling, drug smuggling, human rights violations, corruption, failed promises and whatever he could concoct. A year, more or less, ago, he predicted Duterte’s downfall. Yet, only Duterte’s enemies are falling. Which bull’s eyes Trillanes’ arrest order due to Duterte’s revocation of his amnesty. Question is, is Trillanes worth the political capital Duterte is wagering on him?

Trillanes on his own account has made himself an after thought. One who is lost in his own web of lies and fairy tales. One whose outrageous claims and unsubstantiated charges invited mockery and disbelief. And asks the sad question: What happened, Senator?

Duterte’s revocation of Trillanes’ amnesty has put the latter in the persecuted class. It has catapulted Trillanes to a significance truly undeserved. Now he matters. Unlike before when he was relegated to history’s dustbin and the people’s collective repository of ridicule and mockery. Now he is front page and soon will be the darling of the liberal press; both foreign and domestic.

Is there more to this than meets the eye? Is Trillanes a part of a sinister plot? Do those in the know finally decided to remove an irritating thorn on Duterte’s side? Did the President have enough?

Four sides. The right, the wrong, the truth and mine.

Make yours be the fifth.

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Born in Binmaley, Pangasinan. Grew up in Galas, Quezon City. A graduate of PMA Class of 1977, married to the only woman he has ever loved who bore him 2 daughters and a son. All wonderful human beings. These thoughts reflect the search that one day will end. And that the greatest failure is the one never attempted. Life and other non-essentials as viewed from afar yet always with an open mind. A voice of honest perspectives above everything else.