COMMENTARY: Midterm Elections

For illustrative purposes [Photo via PhiliStar/Google]

And there they go.

Like horses in a race galloping from the get go. Everybody into the swamp, the circus of slime, mud and excrement. In search of victory, nobody can come clean. Invoke everything under the sun, above the sun and everything in between. Consider not righteousness nor truth nor civility nor being human. Getting into the winning circle takes guts. Strong guts that can take the wretched, the liars and the back stabbers as allies because they can be tools. That they can provide the wherewithal to defeat the rest of the throng. It is each candidate for himself.

One is not in the race to be nice. Politics is not for nice people. It is dog-eats-dog. More, it is Cain and Abel, Aguinaldo and Bonifacio, Michael and Fredo. The more a candidate eliminates, the better.

Who said election is the manifestation of the people’s will? Vox populi, vox Dei? in Philippine politics, nothing can be further from the truth. He who has the money and a private force to be reckoned with is the guy to beat. GUNS, GOONS and GOLD remain the determinants of who will win. The people are mere spectators cheering when they are cued, full of emotions and soaring hopes. Yet still go home empty handed with dilapidated flag and a broken noise maker.

The old, the jaded, the pessimists, the indifferent, the hopeless. Those who allowed the mockery and the rape of the electoral system can only look and blame themselves. They look at the young and the idealists wishing they can recapture what they discarded a long time ago. It is too late for them, not for those who still believe.

The old faces and the familiar surnames are back. Name recall has always been the curse of an electorate too lazy to study, too dumb to discern and whose memory remains blank. The governance of corruption and patronage is a quid pro quo between the tyrant and the slave. The perpetrator and the enabler. One needs the other.

A new voice is coming out shouting “D**th to the Corrupt!” It is being heard and passed on from one angry voice to the next. The demand for accountability should not be just meaningless incantations designed to sooth the suffering. It must be listened to. It must be imposed.

The coming days will prove if elections are just exercises in futility or not. If the Filipinos are really worth the freedom their heroes died for. If tomorrow will be of a glorious dawn or just another black and despicable chapter in the nation’s unending tragedy.

Let’s keep our bolos crossed.

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