Comelec decision founded on established legal precedent?

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Was the Comelec decision founded on established legal precedent? Given the legal credentials and history of the decision-makers of the second division of the Comelec that decided on the disqualification case, it appears not to be so based on electoral regulations.

All three members who decided on the case have not had significant experience in interpreting and ruling on electoral laws, despite their varying degrees of legal experience.

Only Sheriff Abbas has had a career in election laws and regulations, but he has been seen as being a political appointment as a concession to the MILF in its peace negotiations.

Al Parreño is more of an IT specialist, as he had not practiced law long enough for the Comelec requirement to be considered as one of the lawyers required by the government to be on the commission. Finally, Art Lim is more of a litigator than an electoral specialist, and is not conversant with the intricacies of electoral laws according to Comelec employees who have worked with him.

Furthermore, it is notable that the latter two of the members are both Sigma Rho fraternity members, so this opens the question: Could there have been issues of undue influence being exerted on them by fellow members to decide in favor of this decision, and to do it at this point in time?

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