Class President

My advisory class together with their class president, Jolimil Reyes, second row standing middle left.

“Sir, ang sakit naman na po. Hindi ko na kaya.”

Those were the words that came from my student whom I trust the most. I’m always testing his leadership skills because I saw his potentials. He is more than what he think he is, and of course, he should not be defined based on his economic status in life.

Many praise him for his dedication and intelligence. He may not be what we call a traditional smart kid, but his sense of responsibility and wisdom is highly noticeable. Most of the time, he is really not aware of the things he has; somehow overlooking his potentials.

The test I have given to him this time seem to have really pushed him to the limit. I made him lead his classmates – who are all boys – to do their school requirements. I always give him lion-like stares whenever I don’t get the results I expect. Until one night (which I had expected to happen), we exchanged messages. I waited for him to get mad at me, but he still showed me respect. He felt down because he thinks that I didn’t see his efforts. That it came to the point that he really wants to give up. I understand him. He has his own problems to deal with so why should he take the responsibility of maintaining discipline and guidance in their section. After his schooling every afternoon, he needs to immediately head for home so he could sell street foods so he would have some allowance for the next day. Aside from that he also has extracurricular activities.

Moreover, we are still working on his birth certificate processing. Due to the lack of such a pertinent document, he was not able to take the examination in the field he wants to pursue someday. Perhaps that is another burden that’s bothering him and yet I have given him tasks which he thinks he just can’t manage anymore. Honestly, he exceeds my expectations. I am silently happy when they were able to perform in all their subjects. They made efforts which I truly appreciate.

“Kung ano man ang seksyon natin, utang na loob ko iyon sa iyo.”

It is true that their section would not be what it is today without his guidance. Many teachers say that their section is under the good guidance of their adviser. But the credit should be given to my class president and those students in my class who did not give up despite the attitude and behavior of some of their classmates.

Change does not happen overnight. There are still groups who need some more ‘awakening’ but I hope that in the remaining months of the school year those sheeps would be more enlightened.

Despite the setbacks,  I am lucky that I have them as my advisory class.

I salute this young man and am hoping that a better future awaits him because he deserves many opportunities that will further improve his skills and uplift his way of living. Seeing him leading his classmates, ayan, kaya niya na talaga, okay na pakawalan sila.

“Wag ka sanang magsawa at mag-focus ka muna sa pangarap mo.”

Always remember that manners maketh a man.

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