The City of Flowers…. Now A Graveyard?

(photocredit: Edwin Prado)
(photocredit: Edwin Prado)
(photocredit: Edwin Prado)

Zamboanga City, known as the City of Flowers, is located in the Mindanao  region of the Philippines.  Its etymology  came from the Malay word jambangan which means garden of flowers; hence, its tagline.   It used to be one of the most important and busiest port cities in the Philippines . . . until the rebel soldiers of the MNLF came and made it into a city of nightmare.

The picture attached in this article was taken from a site where policemen post the good things happening in their organization.

This particular photo caught my attention.  It was supposedly taken during the send-off ceremony of the contingency team of RPSB3 for Zamboanga City.   Apparently, one member of the said team broke into tears while rendering a prayer for the safety of his comrades.

Breaking down in the middle of a prayer is not a sign of cowardice. It is a sign of faith acclaiming God’s great power that He alone can finally stop what is happening in the city which is known to be the City of Flowers and Asia’s Latin City.

We hear much of the number of death and injuries escalating daily, but we never care to stop and think how these peace forces assigned in that place feel. It’s not a question of whether one wants it or not..It’s a must. Obey first before asking questions. Or in this case, never ask questions for it is a duty.

My heart bleeds for those military men and other men in uniform who go there with their future being uncertain. There are no spoken questions of “Are we going home alive? or are we going home in a box?”   Inwardly, it has always been a “ may we be safe from harm” thought.

Chances are, most of us see war only in the movies; the exchange of gunfire, the explosions of mortars, but now, it is for real.  It’s happening in the beloved City of Flowers.

Misuari knew that Zamboanga is their hub in the whole Western Mindanao that he wanted to include it in the list of his supposed territory; being the chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front.

Greed…..that’s how I see it. Perhaps the used-to-be man with principle is now a an aggrieved one, knowing that the government will be having talks with his adversaries, and he feels left out?

If that is the case, it’s such a childish reaction.  A principled man is worthy of respect by not showing his claws and allowing bloodshed, but extending his hand of peace towards the government whose only aim is to walk in the straight path towards progress.

The loss of people and injuring some does not mean he is powerful. It means the government will not sit back and relax and watch him play with the lives of each of the Filipino people who dream of prosperity and peace in times of hardship.

As the tension spread, thousands of civilians are affected. Let not the city of flowers be a graveyard for people who lost their lives  …..but rather, may it be the graveyard for greed, power hunger, and blood-thirsty ideologies that would end all the blood shedding in the whole of Mindanao.

May we have a One Philippines that is peaceful and progressive, before everything is too late.

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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