“Chronicles of Edsa” the Bus, the Cab and the MRT

Good morning Metro Manila! How’s Edsa today? well…. duh!

That’s my daily line and it never gets old.

This traffic gets the most of us everyday, a little bit of rainshower, maybe some road constructions here and there, some occasional rallies. Your 1 hour bus ride turns to 4 hours and you’ll be sitting there with your aching butt and be like; I wanna go to Mars and plant potatoes just like what Matt Damon did in the movie: the Martian. Or simply, go rural. I did thought of that sometimes.

Too many people from around the country flock to Manila in pursuit of better wages, and the result, denser population and of course The Traffic!. Down below the road is jammed with both public and private vehicles, up above the railway is a game I call “This is Spartaaaa” like in the 300 movie. And then there’s the added bonus of smelly armpits and people slipping some bad belly gases.

A lot of policies have been laid, but none yet ever became a success. Why is that? Others say that the solution to these dilemma are adjusting office hours, greatly expanding public transit capacity and all those nerdy approach etc. etc. Those ideas may work with other countries but not here in the Philippines, no sir they wont. The more space you make for the transit here the more people will move in until it get’s congested again. But why not do the opposite, de-Congest.

There was an idea that floated last 2016 by one of the Presidential candidate, why not take out provincial rate from the picture? Mixed reactions came out of the crowd both wagers and company owner’s alike, and then it’s a party!

What exactly is Provincial Rate? The provincial rate is like saying that since you came from low cost area, we’ll also give you lower salary. But in a nicer way. hahaha

Too congested Metro and it’s horrendous traffic can and may be solved by abolishing provincial rates. Imagine almost 8 out 10 commuters came from their own respective provinces, moved in to the Metro because the salary is twice as much compared to what they can earn back home. More so, I don’t get the idea of provincial rate at all. Imagine eating at Jollibee back in the province and yet you get the same food and the same exact service you’ll get when you dine here in the Metro, 39’ers are still 39’ers. BPO industries serve the same exact people, offer the exact same products in both province and metro sites. And yet there’s the difference.

There’s also an opportunity of clearing the road of old, OLD buses. Those are no longer safe to ride. I’ve seen buses that looked like rust holding hands. Everytime theres a clog along edsa you will always here this, “may tumirik na naman siguro”, or “may banggaan sa unahan.”

Choosy cab drivers refuses to take you to your destination due to traffic. They stop at you and ask, “San po sir?” and you’ll be like, “kuya sa Makati po”. Manong will hit you back with, “ay sorry sir, pagarahe na pala ako”, and it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Thanks for attention Manong driver, while scratching your head.

MRT is a different ball game though. For real the ride is fast, the actual ride itself will only take you 15 minutes give or take. Again that’s the actual ride, less the 30 minutes to 1 hour line and wait at the stations for the trains. Of course theres the train in front of your’s going into some technical issues and stopped in the middle of the track. Papasok ka palang amoy pauwi ka na.

Daily commute is definitely a challenge. Too many people, too many commuters, too many vehicles, too many drivers who lack road discipline. Just too many. Not everytime having many is a good thing, let’s try lesser this time around.

These are my two cents of this, what’s yours?

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