China’s antagonistic role in the West Philippine sea

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How did a nation like the Philippines come up with an idea that China is in negative plot, like in a movie making it harder for the main character to show up and do their necessary actions. China, a nation that has more than a billion people and considered as the most populated country in the world, does it mean that in some extent they are holding back our ties between them just to attain their optimal extension of territory or simply stretching of powers? On the other hand a republican and democratic state with a smaller percentage population compared to that of the Boss, bounded with wonders of nature and hospitality defined among its individuals, amidst beauty-packed Philippines is a seemingly weak military forces that’s why the Boss is in a big leap towards conquest of the so-called West Philippine Sea.

How often do you watch television? How often do you see our authorities speaking in a humble manner and seem helpless about that maritime dispute? “If you want peace prepare for a war” a paradox that best describes the mainstream, and a figure of speech that tells us Filipinos that we should literally make it. Like what our professor told us, “China is fighting for their interests because they know we can’t stand against them in terms of military forces, and can just invade us anytime they want” which claims to be true, considering the fact that we are just in the process of building muscles in our military, they knew about our little capabilities and as a result they step in as a big consortium, they know lots of things despite their pint-sized eye openings.

Does the island have the Yamashita’s treasure, the lost Faberge eggs, King John’s treasure, or any mysteries that the six arguing nations are voicing out their claims, insisting their ownership for the purpose of bagging home the contested quest? Is it proper for the Philippines to fight still, against the desperate rest in the West Philippine Sea which they really own? Even how diplomatic it is to bring the issue to international court, if China still is reasoning with one eye closed and pretends to have a hearing malfunction nothing will happen. For the one who made this column, at the end it is not about the final decision of the international court or whoever will address the judgment, but it is about the acceptance and sincerity of a nation to favor only for the truth.

According to Beijing, they are in the proper reason, they are on the right track of fighting for the truth, and all of their activities are justifiable, but according to international law that pertains to the law of the sea and the straight baseline method, maritime territories can be drawn joining appropriate points along a deeply indented coastline or fringe of islands along the coast in its immediate vicinity and from the coasts or major islands should be measured 12 nautical miles outwards, do we have to translate it in Chinese mandarin in order for them to relate it in their justifications? Or maybe because of the real thing that their eye-openings are small, they just stick for what they want and just seek to see what their eyes can only see.

They are almost on the peak, the 3-kilometer runway has been built and is being used, buildings are one-touch away from completion, the reclamation is almost done, an island that once discovered by a Filipino was rendered to the late President Marcos, and as the time passes by without any agreement or bilateral talks, the Spratly’s island of the Philippines before is now China’s extended territory. How would appeal work if they are nearing to a successful reclamation, quote “if we can buy it anyway”end of quote, that’s ours, if we can’t, apology for the whole of the Filipino nation.

We are politically-centered nation, every day is politics, every day is an issue about who should really be the leader, and I wish one day Nike Philippines would purposely fashion out shirts indicating, “Politics never stops” and it so happened that because of too much devotion for politics is a failure to stand up for the stability of the National territory and it so happened that the state itself have neglected some portions in the first article of our constitution.

I and they hope that this menace covering the entire archipelago would be a lesson for the next administration and for the whole of Filipino nation. The history of amity that started in waters between the Philippines and China, a pearl-porcelain exchange, will just end as dissension in the same point where it was happened. It is a known fact that the exercise of Military powers is a great factor against oppression of opposing nation, today and for the august days to come, I will have to agree with Vegetius and with my Professor that, “Si vis pacem, para bellum”, “if Philippines wants peace he should prepare for a war”. And whatever consequences we might have, the main character will still have a large percentage of winning against the Antagonists.

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Photo by See-ming Lee ??? SML

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