Che-Che (CHEating a CHEater)


This may not be the most unique story there is but I would like to share it anyway.

A married life is a little bit of everything mixed together. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns, and most of the time it can be very challenging. I’m a father of two in a 10 years marriage, and together with my partner, we’ve gone through a lot, and by that I mean A LOT! I’ve been to different vices, gambling, drinking, smoking and, of course, WOMEN. That’s when I met Che-Che.

Our story started with a simple “Hi” and “Hello”. She just came from a very bad relationship that time and me, suppposedly happily married.

Our small talks led to sharing of stories, she told me about what happened to her and her “EX” and I just listened and responded and shared mine as well. These talks went from sharing to dinner dates and more…. I always wanted to talk to her about random randomness, the feeling of doing so had reeled me closer and closer, and she to me. The feeling of which I think all people are familiar with, it’s like going back to teen days when you first feel that tingling spark everytime you’re with each other.

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I delete all conversations, text and chat, when I go back home. My thought was by doing so would keep my marriage from breaking apart, and also, the fear of being caught made me feel challenged at the time. Things have progressed between Che-Che and me to a point where I started missing family events and school activities of my kids.

I felt that my wife already had doubts about it but never confronted me, she never spoke out of terms and never asked questions why I was late and worst, never gone home at all. Small misunderstandings always led to a huge fight between my wife and I.

Came a day when Che-Che told me that she’s going off somewhere and disabling all of her social medias accounts and changing phone numbers. She told me that what we have could never last no matter how much we want it. The JERK in me kicked in and told her that I’m going with her.

At this point I was already willing to end my 10 years marriage for Che-Che. I never got a response from her ,immediately she just cried, I wrapped my arms around her and then there she whispered, “I’m Sorry, I never wanted all of this but I can’t have you make the same mistake my Ex did. Promise me that I will be the last like this in your life, that you will do anything to make it right with your wife and kids. And thank you for making me feel special.”

I tried to make her stay but she didn’t. She turned her back and walked away; never looked back at me.

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All of those last words she said etched in me like a cold water poured over a flame, the smoke lingers until they are lost and the ashes remain.

I may have been older than Che-Che but she is obviously more mature. That reality caught up and made me realize… no, she made me realize what I have right in front of me.

I started getting counseling from Pastors from our Church to other people I knew that have gone through the same. Sub-concious reality of being with Che-Che faded back to the the reality I am facing that time. Too many realizations came and I am proud to say that I am a better person because of this.

Although Che-Che was not the first “fling” I ever had but definitely she became the last.

Che-che is somewhere out there right now. I can only hope she found the same fulfillment I did. I really hope one day we can meet again so I can introuduce her to my wife and kids, and by the way, I named my youngest daughter after Che-Che’s real name.

They say men are born polygamous; that they will always look for another. True, but then again with the right mindset and guide we can always steer back on track. Never lose sight of what matters most in pursue of what one may call HAPPINESS through temptations.

Too many homes have been torn because of these temptations, too many children had suffered through considerable hardships. And for those who are still in this predicament, I hope a Che-Che is courageous enough to enlighten you and push you back to to reality because that is the right thing to do.

Marriage will be very difficult, it is given, but that’s the exact same reason why there’s TWO of you standing as parents.

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This is my story I want to share out there.

I am glad a Che-Che came into my life.

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