Chasing Pavements

She kept quiet and wore a mask of happiness,
But deep inside she’s battling with pain and real sadness.
While he became vocal, told some friends of his mistakes
Gained a bit of a sympathy and countless advises.

They fought for their love and stood with each other,
From their “you and me against the world” to some already being kilig while others didn’t bother.
As they believed that love could really conquer all,
So nobody dared setting foot on their unbreakable wall.

1,2,3,4,5,6 to almost 7 years of being together,
So he decided to ask her if she could be with him on the road to forever;
Without qualms she said yes and made her the happiest girl in the world
Coz it was her dream to tie a knot with him so she felt really thrilled.

He made her believe that putting a ring on her finger will signify his faithfulness,
But one single mistake broke all his promises and numerous chances
The road to a lifetime commitment was nearly compromised
Nevertheless she gave him chance to make up for what was jeopardized.

Months had passed and she felt that he’s doing something to prove his worth
She’s almost into the point of accepting him again but wasn’t anymore the happiest girl on earth.
Although she was not a fan of what they call second chances,
She still swallowed her belief and faced all its consequences.

Suddenly she knew that she was being fooled again,
She asked him quick and straightforward as he tried to explain
Listened to his dramas and excuses that he was just being pressured;
It was all lame, unfair and selfish as their relationship already got destroyed.

She then decided to give him time to recover and fix himself.
And she’s willing to wait until he’s back on track from his old self;
But she kept asking if he’s still really worth the wait
Coz even a simple and daily conversation he can’t even initiate.

Now that she’s left hanging and waiting for something to happen,
She’s nearly giving up because maybe she felt that as if she’s just waiting for nothing.
Is it time to give up or should she still keep chasing pavements?
Its for you to answer dear reader, so if you don’t mind leaving her with some advises and comments.

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