July 28, 2018 Del Montalvo Jr. 5

Years ago when Shihan Pocholo and I were having some light conversation at the ante-room of the Honbu-dojo, these parents together with their small boy […]

Pacquiao Proud

July 17, 2018 danmeljim 0

A splinter in one’s toe, shoots pain all the way to the brain. Not only is it bothersome, it hurts. Much like the damning criticisms […]

Hope-for-Hosts No More

August 10, 2015 slickmaster 0

8/8/2015 1:01:16 PM Alam ko. Nadismaya tayo sa nangyari. Hindi tayo ang pinalad na mag-host para sa 2019 Basketball World Cup, ang pinakamalaking event ng […]