The “Where’s Wally of the Philippines”

September 13, 2010 Co Marc 26

He draws true to life everyday filipino funny activities that is uniquely filipino in spirit. but it doesnt only ends there, the “twists” to his art work is that he is drawn in each and every one of them, it might or may take you quite some time to find him because he always draws around 20 to a hundred characters per issue. Find him now!

Resurrecting Pinoy Pride

August 26, 2010 Anna Oposa 2

After what happened last Monday, it’s important to believe in our country more than ever. My commentary on the Quirino Bloodbath entitled “Resurrecting Pinoy Pride” can […]

Marriage: Not Just Between a Man and a Woman?

August 15, 2010 Gel Santos Relos 1

A federal judge just turned on the green light for same sex couples to get married in California, saying the ban on same sex marriage that majority of California voters ratified was unconstitutional. Click the link below and based on the points raised by both sides —( kasama na ang mga komento ng ating mga kababayan na pabor o tutol dito), respectfully convince our readers why you think the judge made the right decision in allowing same sex couples to marry, OR why you think marriage is, and should always be between a man and a woman.

Should the US Give Legal Status to Undocumented Students?

August 12, 2010 Gel Santos Relos 3

AGREE or DISAGREE??? The Obama Administration is sparing from deportation these young students brought in by their parents illegally as minors, and is pushing for the passage of DREAM ACT— a bill that would give pathway to citizenship to qualified undocumented immigrant students. ICE has stopped arrest, detention and… deportation of these undocumented students, saying they would rather run after illegal immigrants involved in crimes. Read the article to know who will qualify and what the supporters and those who oppose say about it, and tell me what you think about this issue!