By the Door

November 5, 2010 DF Community 3

In forty-five minutes we shall finally make a complete descent to John F. Kennedy International Airport… This is your captain speaking, welcome to the “Big […]

Flying High

October 23, 2010 Ms. Mike Portes 1

It took three episodes of my life to beckon to the calling. At 10 years old, my aunt filled me with glamour stories of the […]

Creative Jobs For Filipinos That Pays Well

August 30, 2010 Co Marc 5

You’re a creative person, right? You’re a fan of art, music, design, and fashion. You like artistic people.
But there’s one problem: You actually need to make a living. You’re not ready to be a starving artist. (Were you ever?)Check out these jobs that let you work in the creative world but earn a pretty good salary.

5 Profitable Online Business Filipinos Can Do at Home

August 15, 2010 Co Marc 7

Find Out how today’s Modern Filipinos take advantage of the internet. Learn about Online/Home based Jobs Filipinos are into right now. Find out how Filipinos Bloggers Make money, One Position Pays Min $400/month. Read all about it here.