Shortchanged: An Open Letter to the Department of Trade and Industry

December 1, 2010 Mylene Masangkay 3

It would not have been so bad had I been entertained when I asked your employees for guidelines on what they think was an appropriate business name. They just mostly dismissed me and said to make my trade name reflect the kind of business. I had to press for more information because I was certain that Starbucks sold neither constellation nor currency, but I was, first, greeted with a blank stare and, second, ignored.

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Riding the property boom

September 2, 2010 c_mortel 12

The promising developments in the real estate industry provide enough reasons for buyers and investors to seriously look into the market.

Creative Jobs For Filipinos That Pays Well

August 30, 2010 Co Marc 5

You’re a creative person, right? You’re a fan of art, music, design, and fashion. You like artistic people.
But there’s one problem: You actually need to make a living. You’re not ready to be a starving artist. (Were you ever?)Check out these jobs that let you work in the creative world but earn a pretty good salary.

Top 10 Filipino Multiply Online Fashion Shops!!

August 23, 2010 Co Marc 4

Filipinos foraging for fabulous fashion finds? We’ve got you covered. Here we’ve listed the top online fashion stores created by modern Filipinos. The list contains the most trusted online businesses in the country, each priding itself with over a year of experience running the online business. And with earning a steady 5-figure monthly income to boot, they’re all proving that good business earnings can only come with good business reviews, making them worthy of being among our Top 10 Filipino Online Fashion Shops.

5 Profitable Online Business Filipinos Can Do at Home

August 15, 2010 Co Marc 7

Find Out how today’s Modern Filipinos take advantage of the internet. Learn about Online/Home based Jobs Filipinos are into right now. Find out how Filipinos Bloggers Make money, One Position Pays Min $400/month. Read all about it here.