Capital D. Or B. Swayed


Disposition – Personal Temperament.

Your individuality standing out. For some people disposition can be in the form of being mentally independent, a close relation to it’s synonym; frame of mind. Or in this case, the right frame of mind. People lacking this particular trait tend to be easily swayed by the opinions of their fellow men. There is nothing wrong with this, in the event that it is within a positive note. But if it destroys your own conviction rendering you like a piece of robot, acting on the whims of others, then welcome to being a puppet of the damned. You are not living your life based on your own decisions, but by the dictation of others.

Maturity and knowledge, will be the driving force that would separate you, from the weak-minded fools that follow some people, who impart irresponsible information. In the movie Star Wars, there were these Jedi Knights who had the ability to use there powers on people who had no strong conviction. They could easily command them to throw themselves to the river, and they would do it, without hesitation.

Filipinos in…(I won’t mention the place because it’s becoming a dart board already), for instance, live vicariously on what others impart, and not necessarily on what is right. Case in point: fueling pride to unprecedented levels, in a fight between two people. Instead of encouraging others to make amends, they add wood to the burning flame, by saying to the person; “Why should you make the first move? Let her be the one to come to you.”Even though the mistake was with the one dictated. They follow like zombies, and instead of mending a rift, they make it even bigger like the grand canyon. Such poignant ignorant, letting someone boss them around. You let people chime in their views and opinions, but it is you who will make the final decision. That

decision would depend on what you know is right, tilting away from the obvious outcome of becoming a deterrent to your growth. The angst of too many “epals” (people who always stick their business even though they don’t have the right to).

So when are you going to follow your own decisions, and stop listening to the people around you? When the rooster turns blue. Ignorance plays a large part to all of these, next would be baseless traditions. When you think there is something worth following because the majority are lining up for it, think five times. You are your own ship, you steer your way to what you think would give a better outcome. God made you who you are, not some person that is designed to just listen, and do what others say you must do. Personal growth comes with sticking out in the crowd, living by with your decisions and acting on it. Your decision may not appease even your love ones or friends, but it is you who will live and die with what you’ve decided, not them. There is also that similarity on the adage, “birds of the same feather flock together,” and stupid people stick together.

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