Business Is Like Playing Football

Football is like business.
Football is like business.
Business is like playing football.

I am a huge fan of football. I practice hard every day and play at least one football game a week. I always watch my favorite football club play live on TV. Football keeps my life balanced. It is my way to disconnect from my day job and my two small businesses. It gives me a sense of enjoyment, relaxation and fulfillment. Aside from the physical benefit that I am getting from this wonderful sport, I also learned some valuable lessons that I am using everyday in running my businesses.

Improving your skills is necessary for success.

In football, you need to develop certain skills like dribbling/controlling, passing, shooting and many more. The same is true in running a business. You need to develop certain skills if you really crave for success.

Teamwork works.

In football, everybody works together from the goalkeeper to the striker. It is very hard to score a goal alone. It is the same in business. You can’t run a business alone. You need to work with other people like your suppliers, partners, investors, especially with your employees and customers. Business is a team sport.

Discipline is still the key.

You need to take care of your body if you want to play football. It is a very physical game. You will be kicking and running for ninety minutes or more. In business, you also need to have discipline. You need to manage your time and resources. You need to be in check with many things to make sure that your business runs smoothly.

Even if you’re tired, you still need to keep your level of work up.

I am a box-to-box player. I like being involved both in offense and defense. It is a tiring role, but it is very important to set up the play and help defending the goal. Even if you are tired, you need to play with the same intensity most especially in the last moments of the game. Business is very much the same. Even if you are tired, you play a very important role. You are the leader of your business. You play both offense and defense. You need to work with the same level of intensity (or more) to ensure success.

Football is very much the same with business and other aspects of life. It takes improvement, teamwork, discipline and incredible work ethic to win and succeed. Do you also play sports? Share what you’ve learned from playing your favorite sport that you apply in business and life by leaving a comment below.

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