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Romance defined is an ardent emotional attachment between two people. It is the most apparent manifestation of love between two individuals, sharing mutual feelings for one another. It attracts them together by a special touch, loving gestures or sweet words.

Romance keeps the zest in a relationship, depending on how often and how the expressions of affection varies. Is it the same old style and approach? Like flowers and kisses in the morning, hearty lunch in the afternoon, and a romantic dinner in the evening and does that happen everyday?

Lovers have this feeling of wanting to know how important they are to one another, especially women. They have this need to be assured and reassured, to be appreciated for what they have done, no matter how small or insignificant was it.

Lovers also need to know how secure are they with regards to the love and care they give for each other. They always want to feel how precious one is in the eye of the one they love.

When romance is just beginning, we become so engrossed and absorbed into the momentary pleasure it gives. That feeling when we want to scream and shout for the excitement (read: KILIG) we feel when we get involved into a romantic attachment with that special someone in our life. It is as if we have been possessed and captivated by a force that we do not have the strength or courage to fight or conquer.

However, the tragedy of romance lies in its perversion, reducing it to mere glandular or biological experience. Romance, defined in this generation, more often than not refers to sexual intimacy between a couple. The sad part is, the ones who think about romance that way are the younger generations – the adolescents and the teenagers, thus resulting to teen pregnancies and young marriage.

This is the reason why many marriages are in trouble nowadays. Young couples are not prepared to take up the roles and responsibilities of a husband and wife, and of a parent once their child is born. It is only pleasurable at the onset but when the real thing comes up, like raising a family and kids at a very young age, all hell break loose.

Even wedding-day romance does not guarantee lasting happiness. More often than not, romance is being discarded after a few months of being wedded, which results to a dull or stale marital relationship.Romance may light up the fire of love, but it may not keep it ablaze forever.

Love, no matter how real and true, is a very delicate feeling. Because of its fragility, it must be well taken care of, cultivated, nurtured and protected in order to survive.

Love requires a helluva patience and maturity to make it work. It will instantly break down when couples often hurl hurting words to each other rather than loving words.

Love begins to wither when the couples always criticize instead of praise each other. When they laugh and make fun at each other’s expense, refuse to listen and to admit mistakes, and when they are crude and disrespectful of each other’s opinion.

Romance can perish when the husband or wife do not have time for each other because they are too busy working almost 24/7 and hardly have enough rest and time for romantic activities. It perishes when the couple loses communication. When the days of just talking about anything under the sun has gone, or the whispering of sweet nothings becomes mute.

Romance may light up the fire of love. But if understanding, compassion, and mutual respect are missing, romance may not help to keep the love ablaze forever.

Let your hearts speak the language of love. A heart-to-heart talk is the keen edge of a loving warmth and intimacy, and it also paves the way to a better relationship between couples, as it bridges the communication gap which may be a reason for the falling out.

Romance may keep your heart’s fire of love burning, but to keep it ablaze forever lies on how you are going to handle and deal with it.

“To be loved is something…but to love and be loved is everything.”

monette 10.3.2012 – in Hong Kong

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  1. i say, love when you’re all ready and complete. i mean don’t love when you’re all so torn towards your very own life responsibilities and struggle to success. sometimes, the very person whom you thought will be there in your ups and downs could just not handle your stagnant phase. i mean you know, sometimes they just don’t specially when they’re all successful and already on the peak of their careers, ready to party and enjoy. pity. you two just won’t meet. it takes deep understanding and sacrifice to save one beautiful story and no matter how hard you try to grip on that hand, when the other is so decided to leave, you just can’t do anything but to keep your head up and let go. it’s time to let go. Love is still love. Right?

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