Broken Promises

Broken Promises (Photo Credit: Mountupbook.wordpress)
Broken Promises (Photo Credit: Mountupbook.wordpress)

You have made me believe that I can love again and that I deserve to be loved in return too.  You came when I was over mending a broken heart but still not ready to fall again; that was what I thought.

Broken Promises  (Photo Credit:  Mountupbook.wordpress)
Broken Promises (Photo Credit: Mountupbook.wordpress)

Everything you did was just extraordinary.  You shocked me with your persistence, your determination and confidence.  Everything was just so romantic.  I fell for you but you had to leave to try your luck overseas and I was left with sweet promises.  I was determined to wait for you and tell you my YES when you come home.

In ten months time, you came home, we were finally together OFFICIALLY.  I fell hard, hard enough to endure the distance when you went back overseas again. I kept my stand to be with you though the times when we’d argue got frequent.  I kept on holding on with the things that made me fall for you.

But maybe the distance and absence were just so cruel. Then breaking up  our relationship became a habit and I’d get hurt because I never included breaking up as an option because I love you and I’m willing to compromise just to work it out.

Several months had passed, at one time we were happy; at times we’re struggling, but I never gave up on you.  I hoped that the next time we’ll see each other, it will renew the spark and love you’ve once felt for me.  Then you came home again, this time, you told me that we’re going to talk about our break-up and to close everything about us.

Turned out, you hugged me like there’s no tomorrow, you held my hand like you never wanted to let it go when you saw me.  I was in bliss, I thought every argument and fight were over or was, at least, gone because we’re together again.  I felt that I loved you even more with your efforts and surprises you did just to make me happy.  I want to believe I made you happy too. I felt heaven with you.  It was ecstatic.

Two weeks were over and it’s time for you to go back with your life overseas.  I held on to your promise of forever, I felt everything was fine now.  But it was too soon to conclude that we’ve renewed our love. Ten days passed, we had a fight, a small fight and you said you’re over me controlling your life and that you don’t need me anymore.  You ended everything.   I tried to get you back, but you were so hard-hearted and started pushing me away.

I heard the most heart-wrecking words from you and you said that you never want to have anything to do with me ever again.  You told me to forget you because you ain’t coming back as well as your promises and our plans.

So now I’m here – left with nothing but pieces of my heart I’m trying to make whole, facing everyday wishing that I’ll get used to the pain you left me.  I love you stil,l but I know you’re gone and I have to say goodbye with our promises and plans just the same.  I just hoped you chose to overlook the fight and linger with our good memories.  I can only pray that in HIS time, I’ll understand why you have to break my heart and chose to let me go.

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