Bourne Fun In The Philly-Pines

Complete this statement: It’s more fun in…

Nope, not the Philippines!



Click the image for the source. (See what I did there, DoT? I pointed out the source. And by the way, that joke was from

Before you guys start the already old defense of saying “So what?” or “Why don’t we just support DOT?” Let me tell you this, if you’re own people don’t respect you, what will other people say? Some columnists have pointed out that we shouldn’t bring them down, i.e. crab mentality, but instead support them. I say, “Seriously? The DOT gets Tax Payer money and then what? They copy another one?”

An Ad Campaign is supposed to be original, eye-catching, and most importantly, interesting. As I said, our own people are poking fun and raging over the incompetence of a lazy government. Rather than create an original campaign, something witty or popular, they chose to recycle something from another country. Oh look! A nice logo! How long did it take you to make that? Maybe you did what most students do, which is cram all your effort into one part of the project, then just copy the rest off someone else. Look, DoT, this is the SECOND time already. What’s next? Incredible Philippines? Philippines, truly Asia?

I quote:

“Seriously, I really think it will work. Never mind all those negatives, there will always be negatives. They say it’s copied from Switzerland. C’mon, Switzerland is a lot of things, but it’s not fun. Fun is us,” Susan Calo Medina, host of television show “Travel Time,” told ANC’s Talk Back with Tina Palma.

Okay. Fun is us. I’m sorry to all you mpeople from Switzerland and Philadelphia, but according to this person, and all the other people who earn oney through tourism, we Filipinos make everything fun ! Especially blatant plagiarism! We make the stealing of intellectual rights JUSTIFIABLE and FUN! Who else can do that? There will always be negatives, so why bother making something original?

No matter what you say about it, (it’s beautiful, I liked the slogan, it has a good design…,) it doesn’t change the fact that the government copied it. How many of you have thought of passing a half-baked presentation to your professors or bosses? Would you copy something then blatantly pass it off as your own work? What if Jollibee took the Hamburglar? Mcdonald’s doesn’t use him anymore, so why not? Is that the kind of reasoning our country’s government relies on?

What are we, beggars? P-noy once said that he’ll ” imply that he wants F16s from America and point-out the MDT we have with the US” in his last visit. (Nothing says “imply” like telling everyone in your country about how you’re going to “imply” (beg) for stuff) Guess the reason why he wanted them. The reason was that America gave some to Indonesia. Take that in for a moment. We’re basically scraping the bottom of the barrel here. The F16 is still in active US service, but they’re also expensive. These are the kinds of things you BUY, not ASK for. Not only do we have old weapons, boats, tanks and planes, but P-noy actually thought about putting on his poker face, sitting down on Obama’s couch, and pointing to a plane and saying “I want one. Indonesia has one, so why can’t I?”

Bourne Legacy

Is it just me, or does it seem funny that the the slogan was announced the same month that they started filming? The government went on and on about “Yes, this will help the tourism of our country!” I don’t believe that the Philippines will get a lot of tourism because of this. For one, it’s “Bourne legacy” not a romantic-comedy that highlights the beauty of the country.

Fine, it’s okay to be happy. It’s an international film. But then, here we go again with our inflated egos. “We were chosen because we’re kind!” Yes. They said something like that. But does that necessarily mean we’re better than other countries? Does “smiling faces” automatically mean “Yes, we should all go there to film.” By that logic, I should totally go to North Korea and party with the Commies. Everyone LOVES Kimmy! They’re all so HAPPY! They’re totally not starving!

Filming requires money. Money comes from the studios. Studios always give out a limited budget. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, our smiling faces weren’t the only reason? It could’ve been our extremely warm welcome and our willingness to please foreigners.  Could it be that our government was just more willing? Could it have been that our prices and rates for permits, transportation and shipment were cheaper? The last time I checked, no one went half-way around the world just because of our attitudes.

People watch it for the gun fights and the action scenes. These kinds of films are just begging for either casino shots or third-world crime ring arcs. I haven’t seen all the locations in the film, but from what I saw on the news, they’re not all picturesque. Not all of them are the kinds of places you expect to see foreigners or tourists. Do you expect a tour to Marikina Market just to “see the place where they were supposed to shoot TBL? You can take your picture by the place they stationed the fake stall AND buy fresh pork!”

It’s just like how we gave Paris  the start treatment even though it was plainly obvious she was doing this for business. Other countries, and those who’ve seen the gossip and tabloids in America, are saying about how we’re not the only ones she’s visited. Do we always have to act as if EVERY SINGLE foreign actor is like rain during a drought?

Maybe it’s because in reality, we all want a break. Yes, that could be it. How many of us, after a long, long day of work would want nothing more than to sit back, relax, and enjoy a quiet night’s sleep? Maybe that’s how it is to most of us. Those of us that AREN’T extras or paid workers just want to find a good reason to find good news. Nothing wrong with that; every country deserves some recognition. Just don’t, you know, take it too damn far.

What if we don’t like what we see afterwards? What if, when the movie comes out in theaters, we find out they used very little scenes from the Philippines? What if all they used were the slum shots? What if all those hyped-up “Pinoy Actors” who were chosen “for their work ethic” (apparently, all the other actors are lazy as hell) were just one-line characters or cannon fodder? What will we do then? Do we do what we did with Claire Danes and harass them? Do we continue to act as if it was the kind of movie we were all expecting? What WILL we do? After all this hype, we better not be disappointed. If we are disappointed, I pity the one who’ll feel the Filipino wrath for bruising our national ego.

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